Communication Design

Communication Design is an integrated program across different media which transcends visual expression and builds sensorial experiences. It creates new channels of communication and interfaces to address untapped needs for a positive change. It brings an intangible brand association and explores new ways of growing and creating sustainable businesses. Learners will be able to connect people with spaces and environment through narratives and visuals.

Academic Program

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    Semester 1

    Introduction to Design2 Credits

    Design Drawing3 Credits

    Digital Tools 12 Credits

    Critical and Creative Thinking2 Credits

    Elements of Design2 Credits

    Typography3 Credits

    Design Methodology3 Credits

    Design Project : Simple Design3 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 2

    Photography2 Credits

    Graphic Composition, Layouts and Color 3 Credits

    Digital Tools 22 Credits

    Design Project : Semiotics and Identity Design3 Credits

    Design Project : Social Communication3 Credits

    Design Project : Packaging Design3 Credits

    Design Project : Publication Design4 Credits

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    Immersion4 to 6 Weeks

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    Semester 3

    Design Research2 Credits

    Design Project : Moving Image Design4 Credits

    Design Project : User Experience Design4 Credits

    Design Project : Branding and Brand Communication5 Credits

    Design Project : Wayfinding and Signage Design3 Credits

    Design Management2 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 4

    Capstone Project20 Credits