About Avantika

The Spirit of Avantika

At Avantika, design-centric learning engages learners in tackling challenges through analysis, reflection, ideation, synthesis, prototyping, and testing. Challenges evolve in complexity as the program progresses. Learners invest their energy, time, and effort, fostering collaboration and interaction to seek answers. Faculty act as facilitators. Learning is just-in-time, not just-in-case.

Our Vision

Avantika aims to nurture and cultivate young minds who will serve as enlightened citizens, bringing positive change to society.

Our Mission

  • To provide contemporary and personalized education with a 21st century curriculum and learning focused on what really matters in life.
  • To nurture a robust ecosystem led by innovation and enterprise to generate exciting research and creative outcomes.
  • To ensure a high-quality student experience through a breadth of activities and opportunities with an emphasis on experiential learning.
  • To foster an inspiring learning environment and promote a culture of independent thinking with a focus on intellectual and practical dexterity.
  • To embed a deliberate approach to sustainability and instill the values of socially, economically, and environmentally responsible citizenship.


  • Create, Change, Transform
  • Freedom of Thinking
  • Academic Rigor and Excellence
  • Integrity and Diligence
  • Collaboration over Competition
  • Individuality, Diversity, and Universality
  • Social and Moral Responsibility

Core Features

  • #Designeering
  • Foster critical, lateral, and analytical thinking
  • Focus on how to learn and not what to learn
  • Sensitivity and alertness as world citizens
  • Spirit of design, innovation, and enterprise
  • Liberal and creative approach to education
  • Project and problem-based learning
  • Qualitative, relevant, and contemporary education
  • Harbor intellectual and practical dexterity - Skillset and Mindset
  • Promote independent thinking and intellectual boldness