BA LLB (Hons.) Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Law

BA LLB (Hons.) Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Law

Program Overview

BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Law) program is a comprehensive, integrated five-year program combining law and humanities/arts into a unified educational pathway.

The primary objective is to create and deliver a comprehensive learning environment that combines rigorous academic, applied, practical, and multi-disciplinary approaches to ensure a complete understanding of law in all its circumstances.

The curriculum encompasses a broad spectrum of Law and humanities/arts subjects such as Sociology, History, Psychology, and Political Science in Humanities with a combination of law subjects such as constitutional law, contract law, criminal law, human rights, intellectual property law, etc.

The program offers various optional subjects like maritime law, sports law, energy law, space law, cyber law, etc., to provide a wide range of legal studies.

The program aims at the holistic approach of the student, which integrates theoretical knowledge with practical skills, including case studies, moot court, mock trials, judgment writing, internships, and legal clinics.

It examines the pedagogical strategies, instructional methodologies, and assessment techniques employed within the program to provide students with a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.

Key Details

  • Range of

  • Choice of

  • Five-year
    (10 semesters)

  • Project-Based

  • Full-time

  • Integrated cross-
    disciplinary approach

Last Date To Apply :

Course Duration

5 Years


Our faculty combine their academic excellence and real-world experience to create a joyful and collaborative learning environment, guiding the students towards their goals.

Our esteemed cadre of faculty members embodies a wealth of knowledge and dedication to academic excellence. Our diverse team of educators fosters intellectual curiosity and growth, guiding students toward their fullest potential with passion and expertise across a spectrum of disciplines.

Program Fee

Particulars For Indian Nationals (INR) For NRI, PIO, CIO and Foreign Nationals (INR)
Tuition Fee 80,000 1,20,000
Development Fee 12,000 18,000
University Fee 16,000 24,000
Total Fee 1,08,000 1,62,000

An additional amount of rupees 10,000 is payable as a security deposit during admission. This amount shall be refundable on completion of the academic program.

The Hostel facility is available on first-come-first-served basis. Hostel and Mess facility is available on the campus at an additional cost. The hostel facility shall be Twin Non-AC accommodation. The mess facility shall include Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks and Dinner.


Students Loan facility will be available to the students securing admission to the university. Disbursement of the loan is as per the banks' terms and conditions.

  Twin sharing Twin sharing# Triple sharing
Hostel Fee 115,000 90,000 65,000
Mess Fee 110,000 110,000 110,000
Hostel Security Deposit 10,000 10,000 10,000
Fees 2,35,000 2,10,000 1,85,500

Refund Policy

Avantika University will cancel an Admission only if the student fails to meet the Entry Requirements. The complete fees will be refunded within 15 days of cancellation of admission.

A student opting to withdraw his/her admission will be entitled to the refund of fees as detailed:

Sr. No. Refund of Fees paid Point of time when notice of withdrawal is served
1 100% 15 days or more before the formally notified last date of admission
2 90% Less than 15 days before the formally notified last date of admission
3 80% 15 days or less after the formally notified last date of admission
4 50% 30 days or less, but more than 15 days, after the formally notified last date of admission
5 0 More than 30 days after the formally notified last date of admission

Fees shall be refunded to the student within fifteen days from the date of receiving a written application from him/her towards cancellation of admission.

All legal disputes if any will be in the Ujjain Jurisdiction only.