Industrial Design

Industrial Design is a unique program centered on creating delight through good design. The learner starts with an observed need or an idea which is transformed through form, structure, color, material, texture, environment, and detailing to a digital and physical prototype. The outcome could be a product, an interaction, a space, or an experience which creates sustainable value and evokes a positive emotional response for the intended user.


  • Product Design

    Ergonomics - 2 2 Credits

    Form 4 Credits

    Advance Manufacturing Process 3 Credits

    Technically Simple Project 5 Credits

    Research and Faculty Apprenticeship 2 Credits

    Design inspired by Nature 4 Credits

    Design for Sensorial Experience 4 Credits

  • Space Design

    Ergonomics - 2 3 Credits

    Tensile Structures and Temporary Spaces 4 Credits

    Functionally Simple Space Design 5 Credits

    Products for Spaces 3 Credits

    Research and Faculty Apprenticeship 2 Credits

    Nature Inspired Spaces 4 Credits

    Spaces for Sensorial Experiences 4 Credits

Academic Program

  • +-

    Semester 1

    History of Technology and Design2 Credits

    Science of Nature3 Credits

    Critical and Creative Thinking3 Credits

    Designers' Tool Box4 Credits

    Creative Visualization - 16 Credits

    Image and Language2 Credits

    Face a Book

  • +-

    Semester 2

    Individual, Society and Environment2 Credits

    Mathematics in Nature2 Credits

    Model Making4 Credits

    Design Methodology2 Credits

    Creative Visualization - 26 Credits

    Digital Tools for Designers - 14 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 3

    Digital Tools for Designers - 24 Credits

    Material and Form4 Credits

    Mechanisms and Joineries4 Credits

    Introduction to Ergonomics2 Credits

    Product Typography2 Credits

    Design Project: Simple Design4 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 4

    Product Physiognomy4 Credits

    Spatial Structures and Articulation4 Credits

    Product Semantics2 Credits

    Product Photography2 Credits

    Packaging Design4 Credits

    Design Project: Re-Design4 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 5

    Human Machine Interface2 Credits

    Advanced Manufacturing4 Credits

    Design Research2 Credits

    Elective - 12 Credits

    Design Project: Advanced Design6 Credits

    Design Project: Experimental Design4 Credits


  • +-

    Semester 6

    Entrepreneurship - 14 Credits

    Elective - 23 Credits

    Elective - 33 Credits

    Design Project: Inventive Design4 Credits

    Design Project: Field Project6 Credits

  • +-


    Internship (8 to 12 Weeks)6 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 7

    Entrepreneurship - 24 Credits

    Elective - 42 Credits

    Design Project: System Design8 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 8

    Capstone Project20 Credits

  • +-


    Sustainable Design Universal Design Furniture Design Automobile Accessory Design Design with Natural Materials Design for Six Sigma

    Narratives and Story Telling Exhibition Design Social Communication Environmental Graphics Immersive Media Design Game Design

    Artificial Intelligence Foundation Machine Learning Foundation Data Analytics Foundation Electric Vehicles Digital Product Design Professional Practice