Bachelors Program: Engineering

The Engineering program at Avantika follows a design-centered philosophy, with an interdisciplinary curriculum and experiential learning at the core. The unique academic model at Avantika is based on an integrated cross-disciplinary approach that harmoniously blends design, technology, and enterprising spirit on a solid foundation of liberal education. The students are expected to complete a set of common core courses like critical and creative thinking, body and mind, history of man-made world, science of nature, and like, that connect areas of science, engineering, design and liberal arts. The hands-on, project-based learning approach is imbibed from day one and the students are engaged by working on real-world challenges. The students have flexibility to choose projects that align with their interests with faculty acting as mentors providing just-in-time instruction. The liberal approach to learning aims to broaden the perspective of an individual, exposing him to the finer nuances of science, culture, humanities, and society along with an in-depth study in a specific area of interest.

Avantika offers 4-year, Bachelor of Technology ( B.Tech) in following disciplines