MBA Specializations in 2023

MBA Specializations in 2023

14, April 2023

A Master of Business Administration or MBA is the most popular PG degree program in India, focused on advanced business, business administration, and management training. The program equips students with the knowledge and potential to grow in their careers and builds their skills to shine in top management positions.

The MBA program at Avantika University is designed to promote the skills and in-depth knowledge needed for lasting success. The experiential learning offered with the project-based learning pedagogy ensures a high-quality student experience. Avantika University is India’s first Design Centered University, promoted by MIT Group of Institutions, Pune, which has a proven legacy of 40+ years in higher education.

An MBA degree opens a world of opportunities and helps boost your career. Choosing the right specialization as per an aspirant’s interest and skillset gives an ambitious advantage and improves the practical learning experience. Usually, HR, marketing, and finance are some of the most preferred and chosen MBA specializations by students. But with the evolving business needs in the digital era, the need for MBA specializations among the aspirants has changed and specializations like supply chain management, business analytics, etc. are in demand in 2023.

Below is the list of MBA specializations offered at Avantika University. Also available are the offered common job profiles after each specialization.

MBA in Marketing

An MBA in marketing is one of the evergreen MBA specializations offered, as it has growth opportunities in multiple domains and sectors. No organization, brand, service, or even product can flourish without precise marketing activities. So, experts with competent marketing skills are must-haves for planning and controlling marketing activities to build on a potential consumer base or leverage the existing customer base. After completing an MBA in Marketing, an aspirant can opt for jobs in the marketing aspect of any business across various industries and sectors like pharma, hospitality, retails, technology, banking, media, etc. Some of the common, yet popular job profiles offered to MBA marketing pass outs at entry-level, mid-level, and top positions are:

• Marketing Officer

• Marketing Manager

• Brand Manager

• Asset Manager

• Media Executive

• Product Manager

• Marketing Head

• MBA in Finance

MBA in finance is the most sought-after, in-demand, and highly recognized MBA specialization, as it offers a wide range of opportunities in the corporate sector. No organization can thrive without accounting, costing, maintaining the costs and capital, and budgets. And hence, skilled professionals in financial management are a must to plan and manage the financial assets and funds of any company.

After completing an MBA in Finance, an aspirant can opt for jobs regardless of the industry, as finance is the backbone of any organization. Additionally, an MBA in Finance can work in banks, financial institutions, merchant banking, personal/corporate finance, international finance, and much more. Some of the widespread job profiles offered to MBA Finance pass outs are:

• Finance Executive

• Financial Analyst

• Finance Manager

• Business Analyst

• Finance Analyst

• Credit Risk Officer

• Accounts Officer

MBA in Human Resource

MBA in HR is another of the most chosen MBA specializations as it greatly helps in an aspirant’s personal growth. One of the most significant processes of any corporation/company/organization is recruitment, workforce management, employee training, and development for the growth of the organization. This specialization helps to improve communication skills, good interpersonal skills, leadership characteristics, and other management skills in an aspirant and trains them to manage the workforce along with their experiences within the firm and much more. Some of the popular job profiles offered to MBA HR pass outs at entry-level and top positions are:

• Human Resource Executive

• HR Officer

• Training and Development Officer

• Director-HR

• Team Leader

• Regional HR Manager

MBA in Supply Chain Management

MBA in Supply Chain Management has become a go-to specialization as it develops strong management skills in an aspirant and imparts the required knowledge about a business unit like back-end operations and logistics. An aspirant with a degree in Supply Chain Management will not only be updated about an organization’s products or services but also the reverse logistics part of return and after-sale services. Some of the trending job profiles offered to freshers and entry-level positions in the logistics sector are:

• Product Supply Manager

• Procurement & Supply Chain Manager

• Supply Chain Manager

• Supply Chain Management Executive

• Team Head – Supply Chain Management

MBA in Business Analytics

MBA in Business Analytics is a trending specialization as it imparts skills and expertise in using data, analytics, and statistics. Business analysts provide data-driven suggestions to link the gap between the overall market and individual business growth. Right from marketing experts looking for customer data to finance experts backing up investments, data is now an integral part of the business. Hence, demand for Business Analytics professionals is on the rise. MBA in Business Analytics students are offered lucrative placement opportunities. Some of the trending job profiles offered to freshers and top-level positions are:

• Business Analytics Specialist

• Business Analytics Manager

• Research Analyst

• Marketing Analyst

• Financial Analyst

• Sales Analyst

• IT Analyst

MBA in International Business

MBA in International Business is another trending and in-demand specialization as it equips students with management skills in an international space. The degree includes global business management and, hence the aspirants have access to job opportunities globally. An aspirant opting for International Business has a great scope for developing business skills required for achieving success with the organization structure and across different organizations. With businesses expanding across borders, international business clients, and globalization, businesses are now serving and working with global clients. So, there is a high demand for experts who know the working of legislation internationally and in out. With more and more businesses going international, this MBA specialization has been the preferred option over the last few years. Some of the trending job profiles offered are:

• International Business Manager

• International Operations Manager

• Export Manager

• International Finance Manager

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