19, July 2024

The VC of Avantika University, Dr. Nitin Rane, awarded "Visionaries of Madhya Pradesh" by Dr. Mohan Yadav, CM, Madhya Pradesh

A moment of pride and celebration for Avantika University as the Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Nitin Rane, has been honored with the prestigious "Visionaries of Madhya Pradesh" accolade. This recognition was graciously conferred upon him by the esteemed Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Honorable Dr. Mohan Yadav, at a notable event organized by News 24 Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, in collaboration with The award not only acknowledges the VC's diligent hard work to make Avantika the paramount of Indian education but also celebrates the relentless collective effort of every faculty, staff, and student at Avantika University in the growth and development of Madhya Pradesh. Under Dr. Nitin Rane's leadership, Avantika University adopted stellar strategic initiatives that rose the institution to newer heights. These initiatives were instrumental in enhancing the academic rigor and reputation of Avantika, positively impacting the education ecosystem of Madhya Pradesh. As Avantika University continues to achieve, this recognition will undoubtedly inspire further achievements and reinforce its position as the leader of education in India.

12, July 2024

Gym Revamp | Avantika University

Since gyms play an invaluable part in building a positive and healthier lifestyle, Avantika University revamped its existing University Gym, in Yuti, to provide students with modern-day training equipment ensuring mind, body, and overall well-being. As an Educational Institution, it is our prime responsibility to provide students and staff with all the facilities essential to thrive in life. A good body will ultimately ensure better academic performance. The newly enhanced Gym was inaugurated by Bhargav Mistry, in the presence of Hon'ble VC, Dr. Nitin Rane, Dr. Manesh Patel, Registrar, and other dignitaries. A gym with equipment like battle ropes, barbells, dumbbells, treadmills, leg press machines, seated curl machines, abdominal rollers, resistance bands, and more will let students discuss their fitness goals together, strengthening bonds, and developing camaraderie.

10, July 2024

Avantika University awarded the Certificate of Social Responsibility

Avantika University has been awarded the prestigious Certificate of Social Responsibility by Bhumi and UNICEF for the university's contribution towards the development and betterment of society. It appreciates the university's effort in organizing regular volunteering initiatives, in the academic year 2023-2024. Bhumi is India's one of the largest non-profit volunteer organizations enabling thousands across India to volunteer for education and civic issues. The Certificate of Social Responsibility is presented in appreciation of Avantika University's participation in the Good Deeds Campaign 2023-24 organized with the mission to unite people from across the globe in volunteerism and positive actions, fostering a culture of compassion and community service. Avantika University organized various volunteering events that provided students with valuable opportunities to give back to society. These events instilled a sense of social awareness and encouraged students to become active and responsible citizens.

30, June 2024

UXINDIA '24 - Meetup Indore Chapter | School of Design

The School of Design at Avantika University organized UXINDIA '24 - Meetup Indore Chapter. India's Biggest Conference on User Experience Design. The event provided students with the platform to gain practical insights into the world of Design. Students had the opportunity to listen to the mind-boggling success stories of highly experienced speakers, superstar designers, visionaries, and game changers leading the arena. The celebration saw the coming together of leading Corporations and industries that continue to spread the message of good design globally. UXINDIA Meetup brought them all on one platform at Avantika University. The event witnessed an overwhelming response and a massive participation of different people across different domains. A not-for-profit venture, UXINDIA is built by, built for, and sustained by its growing community of designers, enthusiasts, and influencers from business, education, and governance. UXINDIA is organized by the UMO Design Foundation.

01, July 2024

Aarambh 2024, the Orientation Program of Avantika University begins

The Orientation Program, Aarambh 2024, of the School of Design at Avantika University kicked off with vibrant energy and notable enthusiasm, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the freshers. Welcoming the aspiring Designers, the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Dr. Nitin Rane greeted the newcomers and their parents, saying Avantika University is much more than a place of study. It's a community, a family, that works together, day and night to prepare the young budding minds to excel. It is a place that inspires one to discover their passion and develop skills that will help shape the future. Every experience at Avantika is an opportunity to grow.

30, June 2024

Fashion Design Student Wins Fashion Show Competition

Ms. Shruti Gupta, a final-year Fashion Design student of the School of Design at Avantika University, emerged as the winner of the Fashion Show Competition, Sage Swarnim, held at SAGE University, Bhopal. She secured the first prize, which included a cash award of ?25,000. Mr. Amar Mithapalli faculty of the School of Design was one of the jury finalists, alongside renowned Fashion Designers Ms. Archana Kocher and Mr. Abhishek Roy.

26, June 2024

Avantika University ranked by India Today Survey for Best Colleges in India 2024

The School of Engineering at Avantika University ranked 51st in "Best Emerging Engineering Institutions", 154th Rank in "Best Private Engineering Institutions" and 184th Rank in All India Engineering Institutions in India Today Survey for Best Colleges in India 2024. The India Today-MDRA 2024 Best Colleges Surveys is one of India's definitive guides to higher education in the country. With over 2,000 colleges ranked over 14 streams, Avantika University maintained its prestigious position to achieve academic success.

26, June 2024

Faculty Development Program on AI at Avantika University, Ujjain

Avantika University, Ujjain, is set to host a dynamic Faculty Development Program in association with the Research Foundation of India from June 24th to June 30th on "Transformative Pathways: AI & Emerging Trends in Teaching and Research." The week-long event will bring together experts from various domains to explore the latest advancements in AI and its implications in education and research. The event will include notable speakers like Dr. Pravin Chavan, Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune, Mr. Chintan Oza, Founder, of Anantam Ecosystems, and many others. Fr. Sabu Thomas, Assistant Professor-English, Sacred Heart College, Kochi, Dr. Salvador Trevino, Associate Professor-Management, University Canada West, Canada, Mr. Rahul Bhargawa, CEO, Sheekunj, Dr. Rakesh Naru, Deputy General Manager (After Sales Operations-India), Tata Motors, Dr. Pranjal Muley, Associate Professor, and Associate Dean -Business Analytics, ITVivekanand Education Society's Business School, Mumbai, Shrihari Sohani (FPM, IIM Ahmedabad), Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Indore, Prof. Dr. Jayant Sonwalkar, Vice Chancellor, M.P Bhoj(Open) University, Bhopal. This Faculty Development Program will provide the training necessary to lead in the era of AI. It will help understand its practical applications in teaching pedagogy and curriculum formation, enabling educators to develop innovative strategies for improving learning outcomes. It will help decode AI which is instrumental in revolutionizing research and publication by enhancing the quality and efficiency of academic work.

10, June 2024

Avantika University secures 56th rank in World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI) 2024

Avantika University is proud to secure the 56th position globally in the category of Industrial Application in the prestigious World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI) 2024. The WURI Rankings, an esteemed international assessment of universities worldwide, recognize institutions for their noteworthy contributions and innovative approaches. The rankings were declared at the 4th HLU Conference, hosted by Franklin University Switzerland on June 7th, 2024. The accolade is a testament to Avantika's unwavering commitment to pioneering education and leaving an indelible mark in the field of ingenious Industrial Applications. Link to rankings: About WURI 2024 "The World University Rankings for Innovation (The WURI) assesses higher education institutions' real contributions to industry and society, highlighting innovative education, research, and social engagements. Using 13 categories, it encompasses innovation targets and methods, offering a comprehensive measure of institutions' creative contributions to societal advancement. The ranking aims to spotlight higher Education Institutions that excel in these innovative approaches, thereby inspiring advancements across the academic and societal landscape."

06, June 2024

Avantika University achieves Platinum Band in Outcome Based Education Rankings 2024

Avantika University is proud to achieve the "Platinum Band" in "Outcome Based Education Rankings 2024". The "Outcome Based Education Rankings 2024" recognizes institutions for successfully implementing Outcome Based Education. Avantika University has come a long way from Diamond Band ranking, to acquiring the well-deserved, prestigious "Platinum Band". This ranking ensures a learner-centric approach is adopted, crucial in transforming the educational landscape in India. This recent achievement is a testament to the efforts, that Avantika University puts into developing students with knowledge, skills, and competencies essential to succeed and contribute to today's society. This achievement reflects Avantika University's constant efforts and dedication to make it the preferred destination for higher education. Such rankings serve as proof points of what sets Avantika apart from the rest. Link to the Rankings-

03, June 2024

Pratibha Samman 2024 concluded with the Founder of Super 30 Anand Kumar

The Founder of the world-renowned "Super 30", Padma Shree awardee, and Mathematics pioneer, Anand Kumar, graced the stage for "Pratibha Samman 2024" organized in collaboration with Dainik Bhaskar at Avantika University. The event was a celebration of hard work, where the meritorious students of Class 12th were honored and praised for their dedication to their studies. During the event, Anand Kumar congratulated the student and shared his experience as a mentor, tutor, and inspiration to all the aspiring engineering students across India. He said one should honestly dedicate themselves to the goal they are aiming at. There are no secrets to success, it is the result of preparation, hard work, and failure that builds you to sail across the challenge. He advised students to be positive at all times, no failure should overpower or demotivate them. Education is about how concentrated and consistent one is in their approach, it doesn't depend on one's wealth. If you have it in you no one can stop you from achieving. As said, there is light at the end of every tunnel, you just need to have a good head and a good heart then mastering patience cannot prevent you from pursuing the best.He shared his vision of opening a school where fees won't be an obstacle in the way of learning.

31, May 2024

Dr. Satyajit Pangaonkar Paper published

It brings immense pride to Avantika University as one of its faculty members, Satyajit Pangaonkar of the School of Engineering's paper got published in "Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics ((PROMS, volume 421)". The paper was appreciated with the Best Paper Award during the presentation. This paper is Indexed in Scopus, Web of Science, and Google Scholar. We wholeheartedly congratulate him and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

30, May 2024

Avantika University ranks 18th in India and 950th in World

A moment of pride and celebration for Avantika University, as it enters Round University Rankings 2024 in its maiden attempt. Avantika University has been ranked 950th in the world and 18th in India. We are the youngest University of India to enter the rankings alongside eminent institutions like IITs. The prestigious Round University rankings is an international ranking that assesses the performance of 1200+ world's leading higher education institutions including Harvard, Stanford, and Yale by 20 indicators grouped into 4 key missions of Teaching, Research, International Diversity, and Financial Sustainability. Such Rankings are a beneficial resort for parents and prospective students looking for a reliable Educational Institution to invest for their future.

29, May 2024

Founder of 'Super 30' Anand Kumar to visit Avantika

Renowned mathematician and the visionary behind 'Super 30', Anand Kumar, is coming to Avantika University for the second time, on June 2, 2024. He will be the distinguished guest at the 'Pratibha Samman 2024' event, jointly organized by Avantika University and Dainik Bhaskar, to honor the exemplary students of Class 12th from both the MP and CBSE Boards. This interactive session is open to all attendees. The last time he visited Avantika University, he motivated students to dream big and study wholeheartedly. He encouraged them to put in strong efforts and patience. He emphasized that nothing in the world can stop hard-working students from achieving their dreams. Register here

23, April 2024

Hon'ble VC interacts with students in Nagda

The honorable Vice Chancellor of Avantika University, Dr. Nitin Rane recently led a power-packed knowledge session for school students, in Nagda. In the session, he shared his invaluable insights with the students aspiring to step into a major chapter of their lives. That is chalking out the right institute of higher education. It is a phase that is typically met with a lot of perplexity. The VC through his years of experience in Academics, and mentoring lakhs of students, motivated them to prepare for their next academic chapter.

The session served the platform for discussions about academic scope. Students interacted about career opportunities after enrolling in a certain course. The VC guided them on the array of successful job opportunities that the market demands in the 21st century. He inspired students to choose the track that their hearts truly want. The VC also introduced the interdisciplinary pedagogy offered by Avantika University which the students found particularly appealing.

23, April 2024

Avantika University collaborates with Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of Alabama, Huntsville, USA

Avantika University in a recent groundbreaking development, collaborated with the prestigious Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of Alabama, Huntsville, USA.

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a public research university founded in 1875, offers more than 160 Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral programs. The partnership will significantly benefit the students of the School of Design and the School of Management, as this expansion will let them gain an international and broader approach to understanding Research and Academics.

The University of Alabama based in Huntsville, USA is a public institution, established in 1969 offering as many as 94 programs across 8 schools. This association will facilitate the exchange of academic ideas between the students of the School of Engineering, the School of Management, and the School of Design with the global community.

The collaborations are expected to open doors to a plethora of opportunities for the students, providing them with an international experience through student exchange and other virtual programmes. It will also prove beneficial for developing an enriching curriculum for the academic years to come.

12, April 2024

Hon'ble VC Dr. Nitin Rane to feature on 94.3 My FM

The honorable Vice Chancellor of Avantika University, Dr. Nitin Rane has been invited to the nationally acclaimed radio channel, 94.3 My FM, to shed light on the current educational landscape of India. The show, "Ek Mulakaat" will go live on Sunday, 14th April 2024 starting 12pm, with RJ Raghu as the host. The unique first-of-its-kind program will feature bits of advice for Class 12th students in pursuit of higher education. A session on Career Mantra that will lay special emphasis on the Study Courses in demand, in today's ever-evolving world. As it is often difficult for students to narrow down to the single best option, through this insightful-interactive session, students will gain significant knowledge about the plethora of Career paths they can opt for, after graduating from College.

01, April 2024

School of Management publishes book on "Multidisciplinary Management Marvels"

The School of Management at Avantika University celebrates the publication of the book, "Multidisciplinary Management Marvels" edited by Dean SoM Prof.(Dr.) Harish B. Bapat. Every faculty member of SoM contributed a chapter to the book, adding feathers to its cap. Mr. Nitin Rane, the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor proposed the foreword, creating a publication that brings laurel to the whole Avantika family. The publication launched with the blessings of the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor and Registrar serves as a testament to the School of Management's commitment to advancing knowledge and addressing real-world challenges in the field of management. This comprehensive resource will significantly impact students, professionals, consultants, academicians, and the society at large. The book represents the culmination of years of research and hard work by the faculties, offering a fresh perspective into the world of leadership.

29, March 2024

Avantika University launches its Ad Film

Avantika University launches its Corporate Ad Film, meticulously capturing the essence of a student's life@Avantika.

Avantika is envisioned as India's first Design-Centered university that intertwines design thinking and creative spirit with engineering on a solid foundation of liberal education. We believe in the power of Collaboration to inspire excellence, over competition. We uphold the values of Individuality, Diversity, and Universality, nurturing socially and morally responsible citizens.

We nurture students to explore horizons that are yet undiscovered. Young minds join here with the dream of seeing their ideas turn to life. A place where we foster Freedom of Thinking, Academic Rigor, and Excellence. Watch the video to get a glimpse of the 21st-century learning pedagogy focused on what really matters in life. Join us, and together, let's Create, Change, and Transform the world.

Click on the link - #GraduateInLife @Avantika University - YouTube

20, March 2024

Avantika University ranked 5th in India and 1st in Madhya Pradesh by IIRF

Avantika University again soared to the pinnacle of success, ranking among the top educational destinations in India. This time it has been ranked 5th at the India level and 1st in Madhya Pradesh in the prestigious IIRF Rankings 2024 for Design.

11, March 2024

Avantika University announces opening of on-campus Creche and Lactation room for its employees

On the eve of International Womenís Day, Avantika University salutes the spirit of womanhood and appreciates each female employee who dons multiple hats of mother, sister, wife, and daughter. As an employee welfare measure, Avantika University with support from IQAC announces the availability of an on-campus Creche facility beginning April 2024, an initiative taken for the first time in an educational organization. Being a strong believer in gender equality, employees including fathers may avail of this facility to bring their infant/toddler to the workplace whenever required. Thereby providing an opportunity to not miss out on the golden moments of the childís life. This shall also ensure focus on work while your child is in safe hands. Avantika University thus encourages female employees rejoining post maternity leave to avail of this facility in order to be close to their infant in the most crucial phase of their childhood. From the perspective of health and well-being, the facility will also ensure the child is not deprived of the mother's touch and breastmilk which is considered to be the most important factor in boosting a childís immunity. A lactation room shall also be made available for new mothers.

04, March 2024

Avantika Innovation and Incubation Center signs MoU with MITAOE EDF

Avantika Innovation and Incubation Center (AIIC) at Avantika University in a recent development signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MITAOE Entrepreneurial Development Foundation (MITAOE EDF). MITAOE EDF has received funding support from the Startup India Seed Fund (SISF).

04, March 2024

SoD alumna wins IF Design Award

An alumna of Industrial Design from the School of Design at Avantika University, Ms. Shreya Paliwal brought laurels to the institution by winning the prestigious IF Design Award for iteration and concept, for invention in the medical device category.

04, March 2024

SOD students bag award at the Pune Design Festival

Two students from the School of Design at Avantika University won the prestigious Battle of Projects award. Atharva Kulkarni (ID Final Year Student) won the 1st Runner-up award in Mobility Design Category and Neha Kanade (CD Alumni Student) won the 1st Runner award in Graphic Design Category at the Pune Design Festival held in Pune.

04, March 2024

SOD students win at the 21st edition of the Society Interiors & Design Competition 2024

Tamanna Datta, Aastha Shori, Varshitha Kodavati, and Sherwin D'costa of B.Des Second year (Spatial Design) from the School of Design at Avantika University are proud winners of the North Zone and secured 3rd place at the 21st edition of the Society Interiors & Design Competition 2024. It is a pan-India-level zonal competition for Architecture and Design. The students achieved the milestone, under the mentorship of Nidhi Nashikkar, Assistant Professor, at the School of Design.