When You Become A Fashion Design Graduate - Novel Career Opportunities

When You Become A Fashion Design Graduate - Novel Career Opportunities

08, June 2021

In the previous 2 blogs, we talked about the career after becoming a fashion design graduate and explored various opportunities associated with the manufacturing sector. Here, the continued part shares complete insight of the role of fashion design graduates in the domain of sales, marketing, management, e-commerce, arts, design and digital media.

1. QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGER - Every company has a quality management system to ensure quality standards that meet the brand image of the company/store/brand and also customer expectations. The job role of a quality assurance manager is to achieve and maintain quality through a variety of measures, to develop quality control methods, control quality issues, and carry out inspections to ensure the quality of the final product.


2. PRODUCTION MANAGER - Time is a very important factor in the fashion industry and meeting delivery deadlines is most important for a company’s success. Production managers are responsible for smooth running of all the production operations through proper planning, coordinating and controlling at all the stages of the manufacturing process. Production managers should be well versed with garment manufacturing techniques, latest technology, and trims.

3. RETAIL BUYER – The retail buyer's job is to select and source for a range of products to be sold during the season according to the consumers. They work for individual stores or a chain of stores. Focus of the buyer is on the area of products/brands of the retailer e.g. apparel, footwear, cosmetics etc. depending on their target customers. As a buyer one needs to be up-dated with the trends of the market as well as products.


4. RETAIL MANAGER – With good management skills one can be a retail manager and the job profile will include day to day responsibilities/activities to run a store effectively and successfully. Retail manager has to set targets for staff, develop marketing & promoting strategies, monitoring and recruiting staff, ensuring customer satisfaction along with the financial performance of the store.

5. FASHION CONSULTANT – One can work as a fashion consultant in a company or for an individual client. A fashion consultant recommends styles of clothing, accessories, fabrics, colors, according to the clients taste, body type, price range and occasion as well. A successful fashion consultant needs to have an expertise on current fashion trends, seasonal changes, communication skills, understanding and interpreting client’s ideas and views to cater them in the best possible manner.


6. FASHION JOURNALIST – Like any other journalist a fashion journalist works with media, writes or reports about fashion events, articles, trends while observing current changes in the fashion market. Working in the job profile of a fashion journalist one has to attend fashion events, able to work independently and with a team. To know the latest news in the world of fashion traveling is a part and parcel of a fashion journalist job.

7. FASHION CRITIC – Fashion critics review the latest fashion collections by attending fashion shows, movies, meeting with designers and celebrities. Critics are paid to write for magazines, newspapers, work for TV channels or publish their reviews online.


8. FASHION BLOGGER – One needs to follow and explore the fashion industry to be a fashion blogger, with an eye for fashion, ability and willingness to share/express thoughts. Bloggers make use of social media and multimedia, regularly write blogs, with interesting content to share, recommend and look over ideas and experiences.

9. ENTREPRENEURS – One can start their own company or a small venture depending on their choice and investment they want to make. A Boutique, design studio, design house, apparel manufacturing unit and an export house are few examples.


10. EDUCATIONIST - Another well known profession that can be pursued is of an Educationist/Academician in a Fashion Design Institute/College/University, by further specializations through Masters Programs and PhD.

11. RESEARCH ANALYST - Research analysts help and guide clients through playing with data to understand current trade policies, analyzing the relevant data given by the clients to help them increase their production and monetary benefits. Research analysts constantly keep on researching, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data.


12. AUTHOR – With creative and excellent writing skills, along with refined and relevant knowledge of fashion one can write articles and books as an author.

13. FASHION COORDINATORS – Fashion coordinators are the experts or specialists who devise plans, develop new concepts, take care of marketing and promotional activities, keep up to date information on new trends, attend fashion shows, events, visit manufactures, organize photo shoots etc. to evaluate and ensure success of a clothing line. One can work with retail stores, fashion magazines and design houses.


14. FASHION CHOREOGRAPHER – As the title suggests the fashion choreographers work with designers, stylists and models. The job of a fashion choreographer is to showcase the designer's work according to the theme and mood visualized by the designer. They research and finalize various elements of a fashion show like music, background, stage, lighting, and choreography.

15. FASHION SHOW EVENT MANAGER – Fashion show event managers plan and organize fashion events e.g. fashion shows, exhibitions, conferences, fashion weeks, pre & post fashion event parties, etc. A fashion show event manager has to create ideas, finalize event venues, take care of the overall ambiance, and bring them to life in the event. Event managers work with a team taking care of a wide variety of activities that differ from event to event.


16. FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER - Those with a talent or interest in photography can become fashion photographers too. The job profile of a Fashion Photographer is to carry out photo shoots to present apparel in advertising campaigns, catalogues and fashion magazines. They work with designers and fashion houses to ensure that they are portraying the desired image for the brand. While working in creative fields sometimes one gradually perceives their interests or their realm and thus they can move on to certain areas that are indirectly related to Fashion Designing. They can pursue specialization programs or can always carry on their careers in following areas via experience.


17. CLOTHING/TEXTILE TECHNOLOGIST – Clothing/textile technologists make sure that designs suit production methods, help in selecting correct fabrics, accessories and make sure production remains within the budget. They carry out sourcing of fabrics and textiles that are best suited for the end product.


18. PERSONAL SHOPPER – Personal shoppers process orders to the advantage of clients according to their specific requirements. A personal shopper recommends as well as buys products for their clients. Good networking is very important for a personal shopper along with knowledge of the markets.

19. MAKEUP ARTISTS – Makeup artists are makeup service providers who add to the facial beauty with makeup. They create required looks for clients, actors, models and celebrities accordingly with their outfits. Makeup artists are hired for fashion events, weddings and photo shoots.


20. FASHION MODEL – Fashion modeling career is exciting and glamorous but it is also very demanding and needs models to work very long hours. Fashion models work for print media, fashion shows, commercials and photo shoots. Fashion models wear clothing and accessories to showcase them to the public on the behalf of brands and designers.

21. ACCESSORIES DESIGNER - Apart from the ensembles everything one wears or carries e.g. bags. Belts, scarves, shoes, eye wear, jewellery, watches etc. are known as accessories or accompaniments. All the above mentioned products are designed and made by accessory designers.


22. JEWELLERY DESIGNER – Jewellery designer creates innovative jewellery ideas through sketches and technical drawing in a wide range of materials like gold, silver, precious stones, etc. A jewellery designer should be thorough with the jewellery making process to develop creative designs that conform with functional timeline and financial goals of the brand or client. Jewellery designers design for mass production, small numbers of pieces or customize designs as per the client’s requirements. There are ample opportunities in the area of Fashion, getting admission to Top Fashion Design Colleges in Madhya Pradeshwhere the course structure offers opportunities is the key.

Written By: Amar Mithapalli, Fashion Designer, Educationist & Fashion Choreographer
Shikha Kapur, Fashion Designer

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