What is Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking

24, March 2023

Design thinking basically helps creative individual rationalize their thought process and set up a system that they can work with. It’s a very important procedure that every designer or prospective designer must apply to their set of possessed skills. In simple words, when working for a client on creating a product or creating a solution, understanding their requirements should be a top priority. A designer should be able to empathize with the customer and keep their sentiments in mind. A design induces feelings that reassure a customer to buy a product or use a service. Definitely, usability and feasibility are also to be looked upon and play an intrinsic part, but the first look and feel are where compassion and emotion lie. There are five main erratic stages in design thinking — Empathising, Defining an Audience, Ideating, Prototyping, and Testing. Once a designer clears all stages, a core strategy can be chalked out for the customer that is carefully planned, creative, and organized. Once a process is created that is based on the principles of design thinking, you can devise a flow that starts to work for itself.

As a process, design thinking is relevant for all designers, whether they work individually or within teams. This process not only helps in consolidating the workflow but also helps to solve problems better when it comes to servicing clients for their products or service. A practical learning approach makes a student industry ready by entering into Top B.Des Colleges in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, or other top universities based in India. Design Thinking is a practice that considers both standards, qualitative, and measurable data. It creates an integrated approach to devise a problem-solving system that works on the ‘user first’ concept. Initiating with unclear and then backing them with well-analyzed data or information, as a designer one can comprehend both sides of the story and in turn assist the outcome with logical diagnosis. The stages mentioned below are random and can be reorganized to reach the outcome.


Preferably, this is the first step to defining the customer’s requirements. This stage can be used as the beginning point to help you initiate the process. Create a comprehensive list of who your customer is and what their requirements are.

Defining the Audience:

Once you have defined the customer’s requirements, this stage aids you to filter the problems they are facing.


This can be contemplated as a brainstorming stage where the designer can develop solutions based on the analyzed data on the customer. This stage must be explored and studied in detail. Once a mind map of the probable solutions to the tentative problems that must be tackled is made, the creative solutions can work on linking the idea and the mock-up.


This stage comprises working on numerous iterations as per the established ideas that have to be tested. This way the stage breaks the pattern of following a predefined roadmap. The ideas and processes will be designed and redesigned till a favorable, workable solution is achieved.


An interesting and assessment-based stage where not only measurable data is collected but the customer also shares feedback about the solution. The consumers are an intrinsic part of the entire process as they help to interpret the reason on which the complete process is rooted. With the feedback received from the testing stage, designers can track back to the drawing board to improve and redefine their initial theory. In short, design thinking is a transparent approach that helps an individual to devise a procedure that consolidates their thought process. As it is a multi-staged process, the actions can be broken down to control the solutions that will be given to the customer.

The customer and their problems have to be kept at the center, while ideating, creating prototypes, and lastly actualizing. This creative process not only helps understand the consumer psyche and behavior but helps to think outside the box in a random manner to deliver multiple solutions.

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