Communication Designer – Responsibilities

Communication Designer – Responsibilities

27, March 2023

Who is a communication designer?

A communication designer is a qualified designer who makes use of visual components to transfer any information to the end-user or customers. It is usually observed that communication designers supervise promotional campaigns to engage with new customers, raise awareness, and reach out to existing customers. In short, they consider the messaging for any campaign and lookout for ways to make it more captivating for the target audience. The jobs or job titles for a communication designer are like that of a graphic designer but the job roles for both are different. A graphic designer will create graphics (creatives, images, gifs) using design software, but the vision, messaging, and thought process behind those graphics will be that of a communication designer. In other words, a communication designer is expected to carry a brand’s identity with his thought process while planning any campaign. Avantika University is one of the top choices to study B.Des in Communication Design in Madhya Pradesh. The program creates new channels of communication and interfaces to address untapped needs for positive change.

What does a communication designer do?

A communication designer leads a campaign right from planning to execution in terms of the content, messaging, and other major steps involved. The key responsibility of the role comprises: • Defining the messaging to be communicated • Adapting the designs/creatives as per the target audience • Smartly using promotional content, photos, and videos • Using social media in the best possible way to leverage and with the right set of visuals for each platform • Using charts, graphs, and infographics, in addition, to conveying messages on a specific topic • Working in tandem with the branding personnel

In which fields do communication designers work or can work?

A competent communication designer can work in various professional setups. Some of the examples are:


Advertising in an evergreen industry where a communication designer may look after elements of visual design across television, hoardings, social media, and even print materials. Communication Designers formulate concepts for appealing visual content with effective messaging, like the advantageous features of a product, service, or the privileges of attending an event. The visual content is designed keeping in mind the segmentation, targeting, and positioning of the brand and the target audience both. Communication designers can contribute to the organizations they are associated with. For example, communication designers working for an advertising agency formulate campaigns and interact with clients across industries and verticals, while in-house communication designers handle campaigns for their specific employer in a particular industry.

Web Designing

Brands and organizations make use of their websites to promote their products and services. Communication designers are a part of the web design process to build a customer base, communicate with existing customers, and so on. They use principles of design and marketing along with photography, and videography to develop an interface that is descriptive, easy to operate, and creatively engaging. In line with a planned strategy, a seasoned communication designer will be able to generate awareness, consideration, or even conversion which will lead to an increase in sales. Additionally, using videos, and motion graphics increase the probability of a user staying longer on the website, eventually helping to decrease the bounce rate of a website.

Packaging Design

Communication designers use visual design and visual communication skills to design the appearance of products. They aim to make the brands likable enough to draw a customer’s recognition and heighten their consideration to buy the product. An experienced communication designer would consider significant details on the product package for the customer to know. They may also use catchy graphics or suitable punchlines to help a product’s awareness, and consideration and even boost conversion or purchase.

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