The Road to Supply Chain and Logistics

The Road to Supply Chain and Logistics

Punit Lalwani

07, August 2021

The modern-day global supply chain system has been revamped to be cost-effective and productive enough at the same time. Although, hasty economic situations, trade pressure, financial roadblocks, altering customerís buying behaviour, and now the global pandemic has unveiled the lapses that lies at the core of this model. It took a pandemic for supply chains playing a supporting role for the companies to being the main lead for any companyís business.

As per research reports, the predicted size of the Indian logistics market is pinned at US$ 215 billion and is expanding at a CAGR of 10.5% and only 10-15 per cent of the market is retained by big shot players. Out of the above-mentioned amount, the online vertical is estimated between US$ 20 and US$30 billion by 2025.

Abundant Opportunities: -

Supply chain management is the growing territory in an overall sphere of logistics. It concerns the complete movement of any product, be it internally in the manufacturing process or externally. It involves proceedings like supply, material management, procurement, transport, shipment among many others. With the recent revolution in digitization, the imminent realm of supply chain management is seen revamping in an integrated manner. Thereby, job opportunities in this industry have seen a sharp upswing. Avantika University is one of the popular choices and best mba supply chain management colleges in madhya pradesh. The experiential learning offered with our project-based learning pedagogy ensures a high-quality student experience.

Opportunities in supply chain management have grown by leaps and bounds in the post-pandemic world. Almost all businesses are now planning for a local logistics centre set-up and making supply chain regional to shun single-point dependency. During COVID-19, the influence of global sourcing channels was seen most remarkably in the pharma industry.

The shortage of skilled professionals has had an impact on India most of the neighbouring Asian countries. Given the relevance of supply chain management in a productís life cycle, the job roles, opportunities are ample.

Procurement and supply chain careers in India are set for a marathon boost. Indiaís online and mobile shopping boom is continuously increasing. As a result, the online logistics space will carry on with the growth trends, and the want for professionals will also keep expanding. The same can be observed for the offline market and a massive wave of amendments and refinements are already being enforced.

Be it an enthusiastic learner, a field expert or even an experienced manager, this is high time to prepare oneself and set focus at a future in supply chain management.

Over the last 5 years, logistics and supply chain management has become fundamental for companies across E-commerce, FMCG, manufacturing, retail and more such domains. Hence, large corporates have logistics and supply chain management as a key focus area.

Some of the roles available in this industry are materials administrator, assistant buyer, purchasing advisor, expert scheduler, expeditor, supply chain manager, etc.

Written By-
Punit Lalwani

Punit Lalwani

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