Breaking 21st Century Stigmas with RJ Anjali from 94.3 My FM

Breaking 21st Century Stigmas with RJ Anjali from 94.3 My FM

17, February 2019

The power of voice is immense and knowing how important it is, we all were truly excited to have a person like RJ Anjali, a popular RJ based in Indore, to tell us more about the fascinating life of being an RJ. The session of 18th January had a different enthusiasm altogether as every one of us woke up too eager to know the story behind this successful 24-year-old. One of the many feathers in her cap comprised the nomination for AIB International Awards for her campaign #HoonTohHoon, which is a women-centric campaign aiming to bring them forward in fighting their own battles and telling it to the world that they aren’t weak.

"DO WHAT YOU LOVE", was the topic with which the session began and gave a kickstart to us as our eager minds wanted to dig a little deeper about our career choices. She started by telling her story about how her journey began as an RJ by anchoring, then hosting events for a little extra money. She told us that while working for all this she was unaware that she was grooming herself to grab the life-changing opportunity that Dainik Bhaskar offered her.

The most interesting bit for all of us was that being from almost the same age group, listening to her was quite motivating as the path which she chose wasn't easy and faced many failures. After failing almost four times consecutively, she didn't lose hope and tried for My FM, an Indore based radio channel. Having the zeal to do something for her Father kept her motivated to give interviews for it seven times before finally getting a fruitful result. The session taught us to have a positive outlook towards life and that failure shouldn’t stop us from chasing our dreams and that perseverance pays off at the end.

When we got to know more about her daily chores, boons and banes we got to know that the ever-exciting life of an RJ is not as easy as it looks. RJ's unknowingly play a major role in influencing the life of many people. The amount of study, research, control and teamwork which goes into organizing a talk show is highly commendable. She even told us about her talk show “Superwoman”. A show which has captured hearts of the female population of the entire state and is directed in a manner that it gives a mellow vibe and is suited for the women who spend time working at their homes during the late morning hours.

Staying updated with what all is going in the world is highly imperative. And how the society is perceiving the views on that particular topic gives the RJ's a huge responsibility to portray sensitive issues to the audience in a positive manner without hurting their beliefs. There was quite an intense discussion about topics like the ‘MeToo’ movement and the ‘#10yearchallenge’, and how did these movements spread like wildfire in the society. The best part about the session was the reduced generation gap between us and the speaker which helped in the free flow of thoughts. We all got an insight as to how important it is to express our views freely but also while being careful not to hurt people’s belief.

We all learnt that it is imperative for us to have a powerful voice to portray our opinions and to engage with everyone around us. "YOLO" which means You Only Live Once, is the motivation which she follows, and this concluded the session. Every one of us left the room motivated enough to follow our dreams, work really hard and be fearless.

Written by,
Gauri Singh

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