Newer imperative for a specialized design thinking curriculum

Newer imperative for a specialized design thinking curriculum

05, December 2017

Modern education system in India, like the rest of the world has witnessed a drastic shift since its inception. At present, there are a variety of options that are being made available to students to help them pursue education of their choice. Off late we have even seen a variety of configuration to customize the education methodology, with subjects, projects that are customized to student interests. The options and opportunities available today are not restricted to a specific focus or vertical, it is across disciplines and specializations. Even with such flexibility the real challenge about empowering the student to help address a societal problem remains unresolved.

"Our existing education system is creating effective problem managers but not problem solvers."
The pressing issue with this challenge is the distinct parity between our technical and creative course impartment. While this is not a new concept, there is a visual gap between engineering and design vertical which will create a successful ecosystem of growth for everyone , offers a variety of options for students to excel their area of interest.

Design, in particular as a discipline has acquired a greater recognition amongst the student communities across the globe. For India, we have witnessed significant breakthroughs in the past couple of decades, even the imparting methodology has also evolved over the years. With a variety of approaches and techniques, a visual gap is invariably witnessed. Even though there has been an evolution in design impartment methodology with a variety of unique approaches, the college graduates aren't usually equipped with the right combination to help implement the much needed solutions. Similarly, our conventional engineering impartment model doesn't equip the students with the right set of tools, processes and experiences in order to successfully transition to the subject of their interest.

Is changing education pedagogy hard? Avantika University " India's first design university with design thinking approach is geared to offer this opportunity for students to explore their acumen across a broad range of industries, and wide spectrum of companies. The idea is about offering a liberal education system that empowers the individuals to think, ideate and self-serve the real society problems. We are creating innovators of change. The change that we're proposing requires significant momentum to overcome the friction of politics, bureaucracy, and limited resourcing. It also requires a clear understanding of what exists today, what we think is needed for tomorrow, and a practical plan for getting there. Not all schools are in a position to explore this type of change, only those that offer the diversity of programs to augment, the organizational flexibility, and the leadership's willingness to change.

The need for better, more consistent education around digital product design has existed for so long that there are now fast-growing, independent, á la carte options. These options allow individuals to self-serve the training for skills and tools they feel they are expected to possess to be successful We've met with faculty and students alike to discuss philosophies about what's required for young designers to be successful today and into the foreseeable future. there was an optimism and enthusiasm rooted in "let's make it better!". With their diverse range of design programs, an eagerness to explore opportunities for improvement, and their cultural values around assessing performance and measuring success, our discussion turned to explorations that quickly gained momentum. While it's certain that there will be refinements to the program, this early first step gives us an opportunity to drive positive change not only in design education, but also for a whole spectrum of design-oriented careers.

Design Thinking has permeated its way into forward-thinking businesses around the world, an allied tool of the designer was left untouched; Design Vision.

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