MBA in International Business

MBA in International Business

12, May 2023

MBA in International Business – All you need to know

MBA in International Business is one of the trending and most chosen programs recently. Conglomerates and MNCs with businesses spread across countries look for learned and skilled personnel who have an in-depth understanding of the theoretical concepts and practical approaches of the international business setup. The need for such personnel in India has added to the increasing demand for MBA in International Business.

The two-year PG degree program requires a competent approach and know-how of operations in the International Business marketplace. It is a program that trains, prepares, and helps enhance a specific skill set for the International Business domain.

MBA in International Business – Explained

MBA in International Business deals with business management at an international level. The program covers various aspects of management education like business, marketing, finance, operations, logistics, and others from an international point-of-view. With a degree in MBA in International Business, aspirants get a chance to work with national and international businesses in the country and overseas. It also gives them the advantage to understand and encounter multiple business dynamics across different stages.

Aspirants from different academic backgrounds like marketing, finance, IT, law, hospitality, and fashion can opt for an MBA in International Business. Graduates from this trending degree program are prepared to thrive in a rapidly changing business world and gain all-around theoretical and practical business experience in an international environment and acquire the skills most in demand with employers worldwide.

Skills Required for MBA International Business:

Aspirants with an inclination towards business and overall business management would have an advantage while pursuing MBA in International Business. Strong written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills, general aptitude, logical reasoning, and teamwork are other skills that an aspirant is expected to have before enrolling for MBA in International Business. Additionally, the Avantika curriculum emphasizes transferable skills while strengthening students’ technical aptitude and enabling them to thrive in the work environment of today and tomorrow.

Opportunities after MBA in International Business:

MBA in International Business presents students with various job opportunities in startups and MNCs in executive and managerial positions. They also can pursue higher studies, pursue a research degree in management, or even turn to academics and research in the business domain. Top national and international conglomerates, finance ventures, and startups allocate funds and set up research centers to organize focused research and market analysis for the specific business domain.

Such organizations operate with an aim to grow and expand their business and seek to enter new ventures, thereby increasing the scope for an MBA graduate with a degree in International Business. The Internet age has led to an exponential growth of businesses globally across industries, and this growth will sustain due to the increasing use of high-tech innovation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have transformed every aspect of business which leads to growth in the sector overall and eventually increases in job prospects for International Business MBA graduates.

Career options for MBA in International Business:

Since all MNCs need professionals and experts with expertise in marketing, economic strategies, financial administration, or fiscal tactics globally, aspirants with a degree in International Business have an advantage over top job prospects with big organizations. There are different executive and managerial roles available across multiple business domains. Some of the common positions for which MBA graduates in International Business are recruited are:

• Business Development Manager

• Head Business Analyst

• Project Manager

• Investment Planner

• Procurement Managers and Executives

• Management consultant

• International business development manager

• International marketing manager

• Global business manager

Some of the top organizations hiring International Business MBA graduates are:

• HDFC Bank

• Citi Bank

• Amazon

• ICICI Bank


• Google

• Axis Bank


• Accenture

• Cognizant


• JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Benefits of studying MBA in International Business

Aspirants choosing to pursue MBA in International Business have multiple advantages over other MBA specializations. As the specialization program covers business management, marketing and finance, export management, and trade policies from an international perspective. The career options open at an international level, and the aspirant can opt to work abroad for an international company with a hefty package and other add-on growth opportunities.

The MBA in International Business program at Avantika University is designed to foster the skills and in-depth knowledge needed for lasting success. The experiential learning offered with the project-based learning pedagogy ensures a high-quality student experience. The mission is to provide contemporary and personalized education with a 21st-century curriculum.

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