Fashion Diploma vs Degree

Fashion Diploma vs Degree

Punit Lalwani

10, February 2021

If you are certain to seek a career in fashion, then natural talent and design finesse will only take you the distance. The dilemma that most of the students/aspirants face is whether to opt for a degree or a diploma in fashion. There are specific differences among the two and multiple aspects that must be considered.

A bachelor's degree in fashion designing is imparting detailed knowledge about fashion and everything that is included in it. The 3-year course program offers endless opportunities in the fashion world while making the aspirants industry ready.
A diploma in fashion design is an elementary course in the field of fashion designing. The 1-year course is based on a revamped framework of fashion trends and designing, steering students towards various well-paying careers in the field.

The field of fashion designing is going through the phase of evolution. The accelerating apprehension for fashion among people has ushered a huge demand for prolific and competent fashion designers. The aspirants usually seek diploma courses in fashion designing to strengthen their competence, capability and be a suited job applicant. The dream of becoming a successful fashion designer can be accomplished by scrutinizing all the possible options. The aspirants are on the continuous outlook for diploma courses in fashion designing that sharpen their existing design skills and present them with finer chances in the competing world. It is essential for a candidate to have an artistic taste to seek a diploma or degree in fashion design.

About Diploma Courses

Diploma in Fashion Designing is very prevalent among the design aspirants. It develops and bolsters the creative proficiency of an individual and prepares them for the professional and industrial world. The students/aspirants can pursue an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing, Diploma in Fashion Designing or Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design. These courses envelop topics such as garment making, merchandising, advertising, the evolution and outline of fashion ideas. The students also procure the calibre to build a fashion portfolio. Additionally, a Diploma in fashion designing intents at imparting the effective technique that can help an individual in his/her career in fashion designing.

The enthusiastic aspirants ready to enter the world of fashion designing get to study about the boundless fashion universe. They get an in–depth understanding about ingenuity, creativity, and innovation in fashion designing. Also, the diploma courses in fashion designing put forward the aspirants to the technical facets involved. Students are backed to fine tune on skills like drafting, illustration, fashion styling, sewing, and garment construction.

Pursuing diploma courses in Fashion Designing has infinite possibilities in today’s world. Fashion Designing is an influencing realm, and it has striking scope for the aspirants. Post completion of the diploma courses (Advanced, Postgraduate, Diploma) in fashion designing, a candidate can look out for the career in both, private as well as public sectors. From being a freelancer, fashion critic, fashion coordinator, garment manufacturer, fashion illustrator, fashion consultant, the career options are endless.

About Degree Courses

A career in Fashion Designing has come to the fore as one of the most coveted careers amongst the new-age students. Ingenious minds from the entire nation are willing to study from top Fashion institutes in India. Doing so, not only prepares them with the required skills but also drives them in the ideal career direction.

The fashion degree takes a much more academic, analytical, and speculative approach towards the fashion industry. The key factor to keep in mind is that graduates will also experience comprehensive practical teaching as well. When we talk about a degree in fashion, an individual can anticipate an aura that promotes innovation rather than one that hands you with the answers. You are not just shown the way but, given the tools to create your own path. There is more emphasis on inventiveness and aesthetic elegance, which then leads to the commercial framework, and hence the aspirant can recognize the intricacies involved in the fashion industry.

Summing it up, the aspirant will have to decide what career in fashion to pursue before deciding whether the fashion diploma or degree is more suited as per one’s requirements.

Punit Lalwani

Punit Lalwani

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