Fashion Designing as a Career in India

Fashion Designing as a Career in India

30, March 2023

The fashion industry in India has created a niche for itself over the last two decades. A career in Fashion Designing, thus, is certainly a favorable pick as the fashion industry overall is still on the rise after crossing several roadblocks. The profession of fashion design in India is centuries old. And about the opportunities associated with fashion design, it is not just restricted to India alone. There are plenty of opportunities abroad as well and they keep on increasing with the creativity and experience of an individual. After completing a professional degree in Fashion Designing from a reputed and recognized institute, college, or university, aspirants have numerous preferences in front of them to choose from.

A bachelorís degree in fashion design is highly valued in the present time with regard to the fashion revolution in the 21st century. Avantika University is the Fashion Design College in Madhya Pradesh offering Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) or BDes in Fashion Design is a 4-year full-time degree program that covered both theoretical and practical sessions. Aspirants interested in pursuing BDes in Fashion Design must pass the 10+2 exam or equivalent from a recognized board.

Fashion Designing and its scope

Fashion design is the skill of implementing art, design, and craft to make clothes, fabrics, and accessories artistically more attractive and appealing. The cultural features and social qualities of society in addition to educational background, and social status affect fashion design. The extent of fashion design is not only limited to apparel and costumes only. The boundaries of fashion design also cover many other elements viz. jewelry, ornaments, footwear, etc. After completing a bachelorís degree in the fashion design program, students have numerous preferences in front of them to choose from. The students can start working with a fashion house, fashion manufacturing unit, or export house for a salaried job. They even have the option to introduce their own brand in the market.

With the recent fashion revolution, the scope, and opportunities in the exciting and thrilling field of the fashion industry have grown exponentially. Pursuing a career in fashion is no more looked upon as a secondary career option. MIT ID Indore Ė Avantika University brings to you some of the most in-demand and trending areas where a BDes Fashion design graduate can work.

Fashion Designer:

A fashion designer needs no intro. Fashion designers perform a crucial role in the industry by creating new merchandise as per the trends in the market. Fashion designing is an encouraging, promising, and demanding profession that demands highly creative individuals to serve in the glamorous industry. Additionally, an individual must be competent with adequate managerial skills which are helpful to serve in trade shows, fashion shows, and fashion exhibitions.

Fashion Illustrator:

A Fashion illustratorís primary role is to sketch as per the understanding and the explanation from the designer. In simple words, an illustrator gives life to the ideas of a designer with their creative and artistic touch. This creative touch concentrates precisely on clothing styles and the type of fashion that will set a trend. An illustrator uses multiple media, and computer software to create illustrations in digital and print formats. A sense of color and color shades, an understanding of texture and patterns, along with a visual viewpoint and a personalized style, approach to fashion are some of the basics for an illustrator.

Fashion Stylist:

A Fashion stylist basically creates a look. They create the look for the person donning merchandise which is created and designed by a designer. But, even for creating a look, a fashion stylist needs a Bachelorís degree in Fashion Design. Fashion stylists create a look as per the clientís demand, as per the event, or as per the occasion.

Fashion Coordinator:

A Fashion coordinator is involved with marketing activities and the arrangement of fashion events that do not involve design work. Promoting fashion events with advertisements and other similar promotional tasks are taken care of by the fashion coordinator. The fashion coordinator takes care of marketing activities and other promotional arrangements. Some fashion coordinators may be involved with a particular section like womenís apparel while others may look after the complete merchandising.

Fashion Consultant:

A fashion consultant must not have knowledge about but also an eye for trends in the fashion industry. They offer ideas about changing/developing or updating a product or an entire product line. Additionally, a fashion consultant must be a keen observer of the changing fashion amongst popular celebrities like TV stars, actors, musicians, and social media influencers. A fashion consultant may work with a brand, or fashion label, or even work freelance with clients.

Fashion Merchandiser:

A fashion merchandiser has the fundamental role of marketing. Collecting sales data to analyze buyer trends and ultimately fashion trends is one of the key roles of a fashion merchandiser. In-depth know-how of the fashion domain, market demand, and production techniques along with a creative mind is expected from an individual in fashion merchandising.

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