Evolving Engineering Education

Evolving Engineering Education

10, April 2023

The new-age world is driven by engineers who manage the evolution and growth of new products and services for the betterment of society. With technological advancements, engineers now have creative concepts and ideas to lead the change and make a noteworthy impression.

Today engineering requires an able mix of knowledge and skills like logical reasoning, innovation, and inquisitiveness to be in line with the mysterious future. With these skills and a quest to be updated with the latest, engineers can continue to work for the betterment of society. With an in-depth perception of maths and know-how of science, engineers devise new solutions, technical products, and answers to high-tech scientific questions. The current digitalization in higher education and technological advancements have altered the existing education system and will transform education in the days to come.

Digital Framework

Since the inception of the digital age, India has gradually moved on from traditional means and accepted digital means almost across every domain. The same stands true for countries across the world, making every day basic activities digital. Looking at the latest expansion in the digital space, digital payment services have grown exponentially in India and leading the major part of the economic activities. Indian digital payment services have garnered such positive traction that it is now in demand internationally. This has led to a breakthrough across the digital payment space in India and eventually an increasing demand for engineers to work in the digital finance system. Hence, engineering in Computer Science, IT, and electronics with relative specializations are also in high demand to succeed. Avantika University – The MIT Pune campus at Ujjain offers full-time BTech in Computer Science and Engineering with specializations — Full Stack Development, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing.

The Government of India is also encouraging the plan of going digital across every domain with the Digital India scheme. This requires an upgraded framework to support every aspect and will create plenty of job opportunities for engineers in the computers, IT, and even electronics streams. All digital activities comprehensively use technologies like artificial intelligence, data science, and analytics, and this would create jobs that require skilled professionals.

Increasing use of Interactive Features

The entire education industry has been revamped in the latter part of the last decade. The digital transformation of higher education ensures quality education by improving the learning material and teaching tools in addition to accelerating the learning process. The addition of gaming and other interactive features has improved the learning process by making it fun and easy for the learners by making it more experiential. The education sector can leverage these interactive and gamification features effectively and eventually impact engineering specializations and programs in a positive manner.

Creative and out-of-the-box thinking

Creativity, rational thinking, and ideation are the basic elements of engineering. All these elements help solve problems and find solutions to complex engineering problems. Prior to the digital age, all these problems were product based, but in recent times these problems are technology based. The complete idea of out-of-the-box thinking is to think of a problem and then propose all the associated solutions to it. But the present time and the upgradation across domains calls for technology-based solutions. This has already revamped the existing engineering programs and will also create a huge number of jobs. Avantika University offers engineering programs in Computer Science with a unique project-based learning pedagogy and flipped classroom approach.

Approach to Education

The teaching-learning methods and ideas have transformed and new concepts are being adopted. Avantika University – India’s first design-centered University, has adopted new learning methodologies like project-based learning, flipped classroom, immersive learning, and transdisciplinary approach that enhances the learning experience. Project-based learning in engineering is an approach where students work on live projects to implement their classroom learning and make the most of it. This helps the students to be industry ready with both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Implementation of Education policies

NEP 2020 and Education 4.0 has brought adaptability to learning as it allows students to design their own programs based on their interest. Engineering as the first choice of higher secondary pass-out students has witnessed a big yet positive change and will continue to change with the proper implementation of these policies. Collaborating with the ed-tech space will help remodel the way engineering programs are designed and implemented. In simple words, the idea is to create harmony between engineering education and industry demands. Avantika University is one of the top choices and is top engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh. Avantika offers 4-year, full-time Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering with specializations — Full Stack Development, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing.

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