DESIGNEERING - Design the Change

DESIGNEERING - Design the Change

Ameet Kumar Sharma

02, January 2021

The term ‘Engineer’ is derived from the Latin words ‘Ingeniare’ which means to create and ‘Ingenium’ which means cleverness.

In simple words, to engineer is to create skillfully.

Design is all about solving a problem by creative and critical thinking with empathy and processes as its integral parts, borrowing elements from both arts and sciences in an inspirational manner. Design is shaping our future since we have differentiated ourselves from other animals and Engineering is playing the most important role in this endeavor.

So, intrinsic to its core meaning, the amalgamation, and integration of these two fields, i.e. design and engineering, has been aptly termed, “Designeering”. The role of design and engineering is weaved in every product, service, system, object in such a way that they have become virtually inseparable. For any successful enterprise or venture, the mandate stands to have an equilibrium between IQ - EQ, front end - back end left brain - right brain, analytical - creative. This dichotomy that is prevalent in the development of new ideas is essentially what leads to a better role-breakdown and workflow.

In this prevailing era of an intelligent and rapidly evolving ecosystem, design and engineering communities must work together to play an important role to solve known and unknown concerns rising out of the ever-changing global dynamics, hence ‘Designeering. Designeering connects people to technology by implementing workable solutions in a contemporary setting

For example, POD (print-on-demand) is a process that has revolutionized the publishing industry and can be considered as an apt example to understand Designeering.

If someone residing in Texas needs a hard copy of a book, A SINGLE COPY, published by a Jaipur based publication, how will the book reach the consumer? The answer is POD, which is a technology standardizing the design, the shape, and size and the margins with printable attributes. Thereby opening a large universe for authors and publishers to reach out. Here, the process to check the shape, set margins – left and right, fonts, etc is completely automated and design integrates these parameters based on the given elements. Technically, its precise engineering and precise designing led us to an evolved product/service.

Apple, as a brand, has always set itself apart through its technological innovation and minimalistic design. The roots of this lie in the early days before Apple started, when Steve Jobs, an engineering student at the time, took up a course in calligraphy and design. It is because of these choices to marinate both technology and design together has formed the foundation on what Apple is built on. In iPhones, the feature of dynamic wallpaper was introduced first, an idea which has been visualized by a designer and implemented by an engineer, this harmony is what designeering is all about.

We all know AI will be the next GOD. It is going to change the world. The most important element which goes with AI is prediction. Mobile hardware and software are already collecting data, it knows what is being searched based on the individual’s likes and dislikes and so the future trends are being anticipated. Similarly, by understanding technology, design trends are being plotted.

The question now arises how the generation next is being educated on this blending through a comprehensive education approach especially for Engineering and design students. Since the whole essence of engineering education is to enable students to create solutions for complex technical problems, the educational framework calls for a desperate renovation in order to meet the needs of the global employers and professional communities. The solution is Designeering.

Realizing this, Avantika University envisions to provide a breakthrough in engineering education. The Avantika model of education revolves around interdisciplinary learning on a solid foundation of liberal arts and design thinking principles, which promotes the spirit of innovation, enterprise, and design centeredness.

The model works on the intersection of Engineering (understanding if the solution is practical for implementation), Design (understanding if the solution caters to the need of the end-user), and Business (understanding how the solution will reach the end-user) to make student learning a holistic process where s/he explores the finer nuances of all these disciplines. Reinforcing our commitment to impart this transdisciplinary approach We have also started an awareness module in the form of the Avantika designeering series. It is the first Designeering podcast series in India. The series explores the sublime amalgamation of engineering skills with a creative mind. It features Designers and Technology Experts from the industry who share their stories and insights into the process of creating successful products and services.

Ameet Kumar Sharma

Ameet Kumar Sharma

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