Be Future-ready with a career in Design

Be Future-ready with a career in Design

27, March 2023

Beyond the clothing, garment, and product industries, the demand for designing has escalated universally. A career in Design has ample opportunities and there is a continuous demand for people innovative, artistic as well as acquainted with the latest practices in the design world. Design is a continuously evolving domain requiring trained, updated, and skilled individuals. The growth of the global design industry is backed by a report by IBISWorld, which states that ‘the global design industry is expected to increase by 3.7% in 2022’.

At the present time, there is no field that is unaffected by the design industry overall. Different designing professionals such as graphic designers, animation designers, interior designers, UI/UX Designer, product designers, Automobile Designer, Textiles Designer, Digital Designer, and Fashion Designer are now a must-have in the fields like Automobile, IT sector, Fashion, Hospitality, Retail, Media, education, real estate, and even government. So, if you are an artistic person with an innovative mindset to help with creativity, then you can explore exciting career options in the field of design by choosing the best design colleges for you to shape your Design career. The following simple tips can help an individual be ready for a potential career in Design. Practice and execution of the latest Design Techniques Design is an evolving field, with techniques, and trends being updated regularly. It is equally important to be updated with state-of-the-art technological innovations in the design domain as they can add to the creativity quotient of an individual. Although the regular practice of intricate design techniques is a time-consuming task, it helps with • Multiple design ideas • Effective and improved solutions

Caliber to Think Beyond the Obvious:

Any designer, be it a fashion designer, interior designer, or product designer, everyone regularly faces challenges with creating something different every time. Designers must understand the mindset of the consumer to design a solution or a product. To implement a problem-solving approach, a designer must comprehend the end user. A designer must possess the caliber to look for innovative, new, and original ideas beyond google and think beyond the obvious.

Knowledge Depth:

Design can help simplify a problem with products, solutions, and results. A designer therefore must be aware of the latest developments and possess a deep understanding of what they are learning and practicing. In simple words, knowledge of design principles coupled with expertise in design software is the depth of knowledge a designer is expected to have.

Skills for the Future Manpower:

The students must be provided a comprehensive education that not only covers theoretical and practical aspects of a subject but focuses on the overall development of an individual and covers communication skills, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and leadership skills. These skills help them to handle work pressure, excel at their work, and develop leadership qualities. Additionally, these skills help an individual at the professional level and at a certain personal level too.

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