BTech in UX Design

BTech in UX Design

12, May 2023

BTech in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) with Specialization in UX Design

BTech in CSE is one of the most commonly preferred engineering branches over time. The entry of new age specializations in Computer Science and Engineering has revamped its status among the GenZ. BTech CSE with a specialization in UX Design is a four-year UG degree program that covers Computer Science and Design. User Experience Design is one of the most important areas where human-computer interaction and good interface design are increasingly recognized as the key to the future of successful tech development. UX engineer plays an important role in the development of end-users interaction with a digital product.

BTech in UX Design at Avantika University:

The students get to learn the intrinsic fundamentals of UX design along with the essentials of Engineering to build on state-of-the-art digitalized knowledge. This program at Avantika University has been designed in a way that the learners are proficient in computing concepts, mechanisms, and new-age technologies, along with design techniques, software, and design methods. The project-based learning module ensures student development with a diverse mix of classroom learnings applied in making projects, practical training, internships, and industry projects. Another unique learning pedagogy developed by Avantika University is the concept of Designeering which is the intersection of Design and Engineering. Students can explore the Designeering world at Avantika University to be in sync with the changing world.

After the completion of the program, a student will have an understanding and command of the below mentioned:

• Knowledge of coding languages and overall computing

• Competence in designing with design software and applying its knowledge to build solutions

• Using algorithms, data structure methods, and other computing methods

• Skilled in understanding design principles, abled in design thinking, approaches, and procedures to use them for the better of the society

• Skills to formulate end-to-end solutions for the end user by use of UI design and coding

• This program is ideal for aspirants with an inclination toward computer engineering and a flair for programming and designing.

Skills Required:

The Avantika curriculum emphasizes transferable skills while strengthening students' technical abilities that enable them to thrive in the work environment of today and tomorrow.

• Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving

• Collaboration

• Communication

• Independent Thinking

• Critical and Creative Thinking

• Self-Direction and Research

• Design Strategy

• Information Architecture

• Wireframes

• Interaction Design

• Usability Testing

• Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

• Global Perspectives

Career Opportunities:

A bachelor in computer science and engineering with a UX specialization will prepare a student for a variety of jobs in software engineering, web development, data analytics, computer graphics, UI/UX design, product management, and consulting in diverse sectors — the sciences, healthcare, finance, automotive, retail, media, communication, and consulting. Students also get job opportunities in motion arts, gaming arts, and animation design as well. Students can also pursue higher studies in the same domain, take up research, or even turn to academics.

The students may work for a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, plan to pursue a research career or choose to be self-employed. In short, the program aims to strengthen a student’s competence in computer engineering, coding, design, and digital media.

Apart from core IT sector jobs, students with UX specialization can have the following career opportunities:

• UI / UX Developer

• UI / UX Designer

• UI Theme leader

• UI / UX Tester

• Wireframe Expert

• Information Architect

Overall, the Engineering program at Avantika follows a design-centered philosophy, with an interdisciplinary curriculum and experiential learning at the core. The hands-on, project-based learning approach is imbibed from day one, and the students are engaged by working on real-world challenges.

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