BTech in Full Stack Development

BTech in Full Stack Development

11, May 2023

BTech Computer Science and Engineering with a specialization in Full Stack Development is a trending Futuristic Engineering program that ranges across the entire width and depth of Computer Science Engineering (CSE). This program is an apt career choice in the present time when we know advanced technologies are the future. A full-stack developer is given the crucial task to manage both the front end and back end of the web development. They are in charge of upgrading the operations and functions of a website and web applications of an organization. A full-stack developer is also accountable for initiating, ideating, developing, and designing an idea/approach from the beginning, developing its code, and disposing of the end product.

What is Full Stack Development?

Full-stack development is the full-length development of a website and its web application. It consists of both client-end software development and server-end software development using a variety of technologies. This specialization encompasses learning and working on various popular stacks that include the LAMP stack, LEMP stack, MEAN stack, and Django stack. Full-stack developers are involved with the functionality, design, data structurization, and approachability of web browsers, applications, and web databases.

This hands-on learning coupled with the Project-based Learning approach at Avantika University gives the learners a competitive edge to design, build, support, and maintain applications that cater to the requirements of the industry. They also learn programming-based courses which makes them proficient in user experience and understanding logic for accurate business applications.

Essential Skills Required:

Now that we know what full-stack development is and what a full-stack developer does, let’s know the skills required to become one. Diversification is an essential element to achieving merit and success in the profession of a full-stack developer. A full-stack developer must possess and inculcate a mix of soft skills and technical skills to excel in the profession. The soft and transferrable skills include:

Originality and Creativity: To understand the objectives of the work assigned and work as per the desired result.

Planning: Planning is an integral part of any development work. The knack of strategic planning right from start to end will help keep the process and the task streamlined. This also includes efficient time management with stipulated deadlines.

Logical Skills: The development task involves analyzing the data and information provided which will help make decisions at the different stages of the project. Logical reasoning coupled with analytical skills helps improve efficiency.

Problem-Solving: Another important skill that helps identify errors, solve them, and eventually smooth the completion of the task.

A full-stack developer must have a strong hold on the top technical skills that include technology, coding languages, frameworks, platforms, and applications mentioned below. These developers should upgrade themselves regularly to be in tandem with the evolving technology world.


• HTML and CSS

• JavaScript

• Python

• C, C++

• Java



• Kotlin

• Dart

• PowerShell

• Bash


• Artificial Intelligence

• Machine Learning

• IoT and Autonomous Systems

• Blockchain

• Cybersecurity

• Data Science

For complete technical skills requirements, please check here

Career Opportunities:

Full stack developers can work on multiple technologies, coding languages, and frameworks, and hence can manage extra features of a project than a typical programmer. Their huge knowledge and extensive know-how in multiple areas give them the advantage of ample opportunities. They can adapt to various stages of a project and hence, organizations, startups, and other business ventures these days go for full-stack developers over domain specialists.

The growing demand for full-stack developers has led to exponential growth and hefty salaries in the industry. Another reason is the increasing number of online and digital platforms. The companies now understand the significance of having experts to improve their presence in the virtual world. The salaries also depend on the overall experience, skills, and upgrading of an individual.

According to a report from LinkedIn, the demand for full-stack developers is increasing by 35% annually since 2015. Another report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the number of jobs available for these professionals will increase from 135,000 to over 853,000 by 2024.

Why BTech in Full Stack Development at Avantika University?

The Engineering program at Avantika follows a design-centered philosophy, with an interdisciplinary curriculum and experiential learning at the core. The unique academic model at Avantika is based on an integrated cross-disciplinary approach that harmoniously blends design, technology, and enterprising spirit on a solid foundation of liberal education. The hands-on, project-based learning approach is imbibed from day one and the students are engaged by working on real-world challenges. The students have the flexibility to choose projects that are in-line with their interests and with faculty acting as mentors to provide on-time guidance.

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