Bachelor's Degree for the Creative Mind - Interaction Design

Bachelor's Degree for the Creative Mind - Interaction Design

12, March 2021

“Interaction Design is the creation of a dialogue between a person and a product, system, or service. This dialogue is both physical and emotional in nature and is manifested in the interplay between form, function, and technology as experienced over time.”
John Kolko, Author - Thoughts on Interaction Design

A creative mind sees information from the world around it and relates it to their experiences and existing knowledge to create something unique. Their world is beyond pursuing regular and traditional courses like Science, Maths, and Commerce. Innovations and creativity lure them and their choice of pursuing a career is quite different. Inline with programs like BDes is their first choice to pursue to explore the world of design and creativity.

BDes - Bachelor of Design is a 4 years bachelor's degree that enables learners to look at the design process with multiple lenses: as a human-centered activity, cultural, societal activity, an experimental and innovative process. The program witnessed a fusion of design, technology, and entrepreneurship to create new concepts, new products, new interactive spaces, new services, new experiences, new communication channels, new systems, creative ways of creating and developing businesses, along with novel perspectives to look at the future.

InInterestingly enough, the interaction design focuses on aspects of design and behavior of various forms of physical and digital products ranging from mobile, web-based to dynamic ones in gaming, education, transportation, healthcare, banking, retail, and other domains. As the world is expanding digitally, the experiences need to grow dynamic, interactive, and bilateral.

Interaction Design v/s UX Design:

Interaction design is an integral part of User Experience (UX) design. Although users overlap the concept of interaction design with UX design. However, Interaction Design is about shaping the experience of using a product or service and the maximum part involves interaction between the user and the product. While UX Design is an extension of interaction design that involves User Research, resting user personas, performing user testing, and usability testing. The key difference is interaction designers focused on the moment when the user interacts with products and their goal is to improve the interactive experience and UX designers focus on the journey they interact with the product.

The 5 dimensions of Interaction Design:

Interaction Design involves 5 dimensions viz words (1D), visual representations (2D), physical objects/space (3D), time (4D), and behavior (5D). It is suggested to utilize all five dimensions to consider the interactions between a user and a product in a holistic way.

Career Opportunities:

After BDes in Interaction Design, students have various career opportunities like being an Interaction Designer, Information Architect, Service Designer, or a Visual Designer. The task includes designing interaction strategy with deliverables such as Wireframes, Prototypes, Defining Micro Interactions, etc.

P.S. - Empathising with the User (User Research) is an implicit part of any Design Process.

Written by,

Kapila Gangele

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