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Animation Design as a Career in India

Animation Design as a Career in India

10, April 2023

The degree courses in Animation Design in India are on the move with the changing trend and gathering quite some recognition amongst the GenZ. Earlier, what was looked at as a diploma/certificate course, has now been considered a full-time profession with the animation design programs. BDes in Animation Design is one such full-time 4-year program centered on creating delight through good design.

Animation design requires aspirants with a special skillset and at Avantika University, the curriculum highlights transferable skills while enhancing studentsí technical competence that prepares them to succeed in the work environment of today and tomorrow. These skills are a fusion of artistic and technical skills. Some of these skills are critical thinking, creative imagination, artistic mindset, sketching skills, communication & research, and much more. Aspirants with a degree in Animation Design can work in multiple sectors like advertising, software publishing, gaming, motion pictures & film industry, digital media, and many more.

The demand for exceptionally proficient animators in the industry is growing exponentially. The high demand is due to the ever-growing film & entertainment industry, digitalization, gaming industry, and OTT platform content. Animation has always been an intrinsic part of organizational documents and visual representations and also adds to the process of story-building and boosts storytelling.

Additional certifications and online animation courses other than the degree program will help add to your practical experience and stay updated with the latest trends. There are a lot of breakthrough technological advancements and new concepts in the animation and VFX domains that have emerged over the last few years. In such a situation, an aspirant must have both academic and practical knowledge that is in line with the present demand of the industry. Additionally, it is advisable to learn from the knowledge and experience of people working in the industry through online sessions, enrichment webinar series, and master classes.

The Enrichment Webinar Series Avantika University brings together a diverse range of experts from the industry, in-house faculty members, present students, and alumni to share their knowledge and experience with all the design aspirants. These sessions bring a closer look at the impeccable world of design and digital arts from the viewpoint of a student, an industry expert, and experienced academicians.

As per a media report, the animation and VFX sector in India was estimated to be worth around 83 billion INR, while it is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in 2024 and generate 180 billion INR. This makes it clear that the animation industry will open up new avenues and career advancements for all animation design aspirants and existing animation designers. We will cover KRA, job prospects, average salary, and skillset in detail in the second part.

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