UX Designer and the Essential Skills

UX Designer and the Essential Skills

09, October 2021

User experience design is the association between a product and the user using it. UX design emphasizes building products that the user can easily use and enjoy using it. It covers the multiple facets of branding, design, usability, and function. UX Design – An immensely vast, multidisciplinary, and appealing field where designers shape the products and services, we use daily. Tech has positively affected almost every field and UX design is no exception. It is now imperative for UX Designers to stay updated with the tech trends. This field requires constant upskilling like all other fields and as observed constant upskilling is the new normal for any professional. A career in UX design is expeditious and demanding, calling for a highly diversified skillset. If you want to break into this domain, there’s a lot to learn!

Here are some of the top prerequisite skills for an ambitious, aspiring UX designer to advance and stay pertinent within the current tech landscape:

1. Sense of compassion It is an implicit rule of the UX industry that anything designed is for the end-user and not the other way round. The design must be shaped as per the requirements of the end-user, and this is what makes it efficient and relevant. The pivotal element essential for any user-centered UX design is a sense of compassion in the designer. A competent designer is one who understands the consumer or the end-user while an outstanding designer is one who understands the lives, obstacles, concerns, and hopes of a user. A sense of compassion empowers a designer and favors them to explore beyond the obvious. This rational skill is accountable for prompting most of the creativity and revolution within the industry. With the skill backing up a designer, one can design long-lasting and influential user-based experiences which ultimately help in building a brand and eventually add to the value of any business.

2. Storytelling Creating an excellent design is just half the battle. When it comes to making an impactful design, a designer must be efficient enough to market, assess and make a story around their designs. The skill of impressive storytelling is significant to the recall and influence of any design. The talent of building an impactful narrative for the design which understands the requirements of the end-user is a must for every ambitious UX professional. This marks a fine line between an able designer and an excellent designer. Additionally, having a good teacher, strong communication and a sturdy understanding of editing tools or software are equally useful in marketing a design.

3. Collaboration over Competition It is a common thought that the designers are like writers who ideate exceptionally when working in isolation. Though, this is not at all true. Of all the pre-requisite and important skillset for a designer is the spirit of solidarity, teamwork, and collaboration. There is no doubt that creative and design thinking is repetitious and collaborative in structure. The best of the ideas and rewarding accomplishment comes with a sense of teamwork. When it comes to delivering a successful project, a UX designer must work in tandem with individuals or teams across multiple verticals like the business, technology, research, communication, etc.

4. Functional know-how of design structure In simple words, a design is a plan to make something or as the experts refer it to as a process. As every process or procedure needs a predefined structure for effective outputs. There are multiple design structures that UX designers use to understand end-users, their lives, strategize designs and work on the right experiences overall.

5. Expertise in design tools As perceived, the best of ideation for a designer comes out by scribbling and drawing on a canvas. With the digital revolution impacting every field of education, it is imperative to transcribe your ideas from a physical canvas to a digital canvas. Nowadays, there are many design tools available for the initial or rough design and prototyping. With the digital shift, all the aspirant designers must be competent in any of the universally accepted design tools or software like Adobe XD, Axure, and Sketch. The world of design and the process of designing calls for constant learning combined with continuous upskilling. Hence, it is compelling for the aspirants to be receptive to learning, expand their boundaries, and being compassionate at the same time about upgrading their skills.

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