UI/UX - The Next Big Thing

UI/UX - The Next Big Thing

Punit Lalwani

05, March 2021

With new technologies invading our lives, there is an extensive demand for creativity and design to assure that India is able to compete on the global stage. Currently, it is estimated that a large number of design enthusiasts/ graduates are required to meet the industry demand, in India alone, and these numbers are anticipated to shoot up in the next few years.

On the market front, India is a hotspot for multinational companies, thereby providing a handful of chances for graduates/aspirants in the design industry. There is probably an adequate number of seats in design education colleges to comply with the needs of prospective students. A good design education gives more than just a degree and aligns designers towards the objective beyond a 9-to-5 job. It blends instinctive as well as logical attitude to problem-solving, with a scientific manner in extension to customer understanding.

If you are seeking an outré career choice and have a flair for visual design, the psychology of human-computer communication, web design linked with potent creative and technical skills, then UI/UX designing can be a productive career preference for you.

The prime job role of a User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designer is to make an end product that is easy to operate and captivating enough. UI and UX designing are two different roles, which may or may not be executed by one and the same individual.

The major aspect of UI design is focusing on the visual facets of a product. It largely deals with the design, color, and arrangement of numerous elements of the websites to make the website design look crisp and engaging. Whereas the prime fixate of UX is on the usability, experience, and performance of those designs. It intends to apprehend the minds of the users and builds the designs respectively.

A UI/UX designer has to time and again think from more than one context for a design. While the design should be creatively appealing to the eye, which is relevant to the stakeholders, it should also scrutinize how the end-user or customer will feel when using or utilizing it. A good-looking mobile application may be very troublesome to use (e.g., 8 steps to order food) and a practical design may not be very appealing to the eye. Hence, a good UI/UX designer has to perceive the business factors, the outlook of the stakeholders, and the versatility of the end-user. Avantika University is one of the top choices among students who opt for B.Des UX Design College in Madhya Pradesh. The program focuses on user-centered research as a starting point for designing a contextual, personalized, and emotional digital interface that makes any environment more comprehensible and usable.

Key skills required:
  • Skills to comprehend what business expects from a design
  • Good artistic visualization
  • Sterling command over to the purpose tools for wireframing and graphics design
  • An eye for in-depth detail
  • Ability to ponder and analyze the design like an end user
  • Good rational prowess
Future Scope:

In today’s digital era, the website/application of a brand is the face of the brand. Having a compelling and appealing website/app is crucial to build a brand and associate with the consumers. To sum it up, the possibilities in this field are limitless.

Written By -
Punit Lalwani

Punit Lalwani

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