The Unison of Engineering and Interaction Design

The Unison of Engineering and Interaction Design

15, May 2021

Moving away from conventional specializations in Engineering, private universities are revamping their complete curriculum, blending academics with industry and entirely renovating the classroom culture.

The design has always been an indispensable part of our artistic sentiment. It is the age of design and being innovative, creative, creating a new and different entity, even if for a web page, computer game, YouTube video or a new product. The design has become an intrinsic part of almost all products that we use today. These days almost all conglomerates have a design team that certifies a product before its introduction. It is for the same logic that today companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, offer the most cherished and looked after jobs. Many aspirants who have taken up the traditional engineering specialization have a question on how they can also get into this marvellous world of inventiveness, creativeness and ideas.

As a matter of fact, engineers are appropriate to becoming designers, if they have the elementary creative skills and competence. As they say, design is the process of taking something from its present form and moving it to the desired form. An engineer can readily apply knowledge of a product and its usage along with talent and out of the box approach to accomplish design solutions for all kinds of complications be it of engineering, marketing, brand or even sales. As a matter of fact, many organizations opt for engineers who are rationally inquisitive, keen to learn, artistic in approach, and zealous about design, and who can use problem-solving methods.

So, if you want the privilege to think innovatively, make design decisions and work in an open-ended and creative setup, then choose a course in design. For a course in design, one can opt for a bachelor or a masters degree. To pursue a course in design after engineering, the best way is to take up a specialization at the master's level. These specializations are offered by several technical institutes and other design institutes and others. As the design is now pertinent to so many aspects of our life, there are many diverse fields of design that you can choose to specialise in. After an engineering degree, one could do a master's in fashion or communication design, industrial design or even interaction design. Most design institutes take in graduates from all streams, provided they clear the entrance test.

Due to the increasing digitalization of commodities, services and products, organizations across all industry sectors are hustling to improve the consumer experience. As a result, there is a wide plethora of jobs available in industry segments like Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Media, Education, Hospitality etc.

Masterís programmes are planned to develop expertise, ability, knowledge and knack among students to become prolific problem solvers who can bring about transformation in the manufacturing, marketing and communication domains. The teaching is both abstract as well as rational and realistic.

Job opportunities:-

There is no ambiguity that demand for designers is increasing in almost every realm of human activity. Design is surely one of the most aspired professions as almost every field of work requires a designer's know-how. The ever-expanding consumption of goods has resulted in the growing demand for designers and there is no scarcity of work for them. As business competition escalates, new products and services are being introduced almost every day.

Intriguingly, BTech in interaction design focuses on aspects of design, engineering and functioning of various forms of physical and digital products. These products range from mobile, web-based to vital ones in gaming, education, transportation, healthcare, banking, retail, and other domains. As the world is developing digitally, involvement needs to grow effective, reciprocating, and two-way.

Written By:

Punit Lalwani

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