Psychology as a Career in India

Psychology as a Career in India

25, September 2021

Psychology, as a discipline, is the study of human behavior and mental processes from various perspectives. It applies a scientific approach to comprehend human attitude, culture, sentiments, and response to different circumstances. Psychology is a multidisciplinary curriculum as it shares its boundaries with various other disciplines like social sciences, life sciences, and artificial intelligence (AI). Needless to say, the scopes of psychology, as a career in India are enormous. In simple words, psychology is all about helping people to manage different situations in their lives. The dilemma is not only for patients but for students to opt for psychology as a career. As the experts say, it is an ideal career to be in as it will be a life-changing career option in the days to come. The present fast-paced life, demanding jobs, complicated personal and professional lives are making mental health a prime concern of survival in the 21st century. This makes psychology a career in demand. Psychology is also involved with Human resources and helps increase organizational diversity in an organization. Management schools provide an understanding of the subject for the overall growth of a professional Human Resource aspirant. There are MBA HR colleges in Madhya Pradesh that offers similar subject structure.

Additionally, a psychologist has a future in multiple fields that include Clinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology and Organization Behavior, School Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Sports Psychology, Rehabilitation, Cognitive Neuroscience, and many more. The teaching and research part in all these sundry fields affirm a bright future for the studentís opting for psychology.

Why study Psychology?

1. Psychology is an interdisciplinary science. It is the star discipline that shares its boundary with almost all possible disciplines. Hence, the application of psychological principles is also distinct and comprises different interdisciplinary yet emerging fields.
2. Psychology approves both perceptible and theoretical methods to study behavior. Human behavior can be studied through perceptible measurements as well as through theoretical approaches involving abstract analysis. Hence, students from diverse backgrounds can opt for a career in psychology.
3. Over the last couple of decades, awareness amongst the general masses regarding mental health has multiplied four-fold. This can be owed to the increasing lifestyle intricacies and rapidly changing lifestyles. People nowadays acknowledge the need to understand human behavior in every aspect of life. Superfluous to say, every institution is in pressing need of a psychologist.
4. A consultant psychologist with competence in a specialized area is in high demand in most organizations or institutions. Such jobs are high salaried and respectful at the same time.

Scope and job opportunities in Psychology:

Clinical Psychology and Counselling Psychology: A psychologist can work as a licensed clinical psychologist in government and private hospitals, NGOs, private clinics, or even as freelancers. Industrial Psychology and Organization Behavior: A psychologist can work as an I/O psychologist, consultant at organizations, selection, and recruitment sections. Forensic Psychology: A psychologist can work as a consultant in police departments, crime branches, defense/army, legal firms, investigation bureau, or any government departments, etc. School Psychology: A psychologist can work as a school psychologist at public and private schools, universities, mental health centers, community-based centers, residential clinics and hospitals, juvenile justice programs, and even in exclusive clinics. Sports Psychology: A psychologist can work as a sports psychologist for school/college/university sports teams, professional teams, sports rehabilitation specialists, sports research specialists, and even as sports consultants. Psychometry: A psychologist can work as a professional test developer and psychometrician for government and private organizations. One can also work as a consultant and researcher or can develop psychometric tools. Psychology is basic to understand how society functions. The day is not far when every single domain of study will mix psychology and every organization or institution will essentially need a psychologist. Thus, 21st century will surely, spectate a boom in job opportunities and a better outlook in the field of psychology.

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Punit Lalwani

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