Paradigms in Design Education

Paradigms in Design Education

16, December 2021

The Indian education system is usually very theory-oriented, with a considerable focus on attaining academic knowledge. Nowadays, employers are progressively looking for aspirants who can fuse theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge, while being acquainted with old school methods and technologies. As India’s economy is speedily globalizing and modernizing, multiple jobs across multiple domains are coming up.

If we talked about becoming a product designer or a game designer two decades ago, it was considered an odd job. But today, such jobs are becoming the new normal. Students and parents must appreciate the market trends and the upcoming opportunities while considering the future of their children. The recent trend in design education in India is bringing global trends to the doorsteps of Indian students.

Growth of Digital Design and the future of Design Education

As per a report by the India Design Council (The Future of Design Education in India), the market cap for design in India is predicted to surpass Rs 18,000 crore by the year 2025. But only a fifth of this potential is presently being utilized. The potential of graphic design, communication design, and packaging design is supposed to be more than 5,500 crores. Hence, there is enough scope for designers in areas that are yet to be explored like visual communication and packaging design. Many colleges offer these courses in India, among which Avantika University is one of the most preferred colleges for B.Des in Communication Design in Indore, product design, transportation design are top course choices.

In the domain of game development, India already has more than 250 game development companies that generate employment for almost 20,000 game developers. Considering the thriving interest in gaming amongst the youth, the number of job openings in game development, art, and design is expected to increase four-fold.

Digital product design is another domain where the need for designers is increasing fast, owing to the rocketing use of mobile and web apps. The jobs for user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) will also increase substantially in the years to come, as new services, products, and technologies enter the market space. India’s digital economy is assured to drive a tremendous demand for originality, creativity, design and eventually project India at the global stage.

India is a prominent market for global companies, thereby offering abundant opportunities for graduates in the design sector. India should concentrate on growth in the design education sector to present sufficient choices to the deserving youth while ensuring that the graduates are well qualified and competent enough to compete at an international stage. There are multiple opportunities for designers which ultimately depends on the right education, training, skills, and exposure.

Basic Skillset for aspiring designers:

Choosing the right institute in addition to cultivating the right skillset is of prime importance for an aspiring designer. State-of-the-art curriculum, pedagogy, experienced faculty, academic collaborations are some of the things to consider while choosing an institute.

Curiosity must be elemental to design aspirants while having a keen eye for creative expression. In addition to learning the basic craft, an aspirant must aim to learn the different software used for illustration and sketching routines to communicate their design ideas. In short, one must always be inquisitive and willing to learn new every day. Some top skills for an aspiring designer are:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Software Skills
  • Awareness
  • Self Confidence
  • Teamwork

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