NASSCOM Design4India Summit 2018

NASSCOM Design4India Summit 2018

05, October 2018

25th and 26th of September were high points in the life of any designer for it was the day when NASSCOM DESIGN4INDIA summit took place. DESIGN4INDIA is a NASSCOM initiative aimed at changing the design and tech ecosystem in India. Design4India is a platform that caters to tech and design start-ups. It has enabled 500+ product start-ups, trained 5,000+ design thinking professionals, opportunities and solutions for India.

In this 3rd edition of NASSCOM Design4India summit, a new wave of immersive, interactive and intelligent ecosystem was experienced by the industry. From AR/VR, AI and UI/UX, NASSCOM is creating a massive transformational value for the design ecosystem of India. With activities, fireside chats, workshops and keynote speakers it was a day which instigated inspiration to do something extraordinary.

Bangalore being known as the silicon city of India had already made it a perfect destination for conducting a celebrated design-tech event where major keynote speakers from around the world shared their enthuse about design and talked about how interactive design is creating opportunities and prospects on the future of design in India.

So it all started with 10 students from Avantika University being ready for doing the hard work of volunteering at the event in JW Marriot. Basically we all were assigned the backstage work handling before and during the event. From packaging the gifts to arranging the goodies we were there. But thatís not it. We were assigned for something more during the main event. 2 people were going to handle registrations, 3 people were going to be managers and the rest were going to be part of social media, making notes and clicking pictures.

25th was all about DESIGN4INDIA awards. Participants who had crossed the major obstacles through interactive solutions of designing were awarded with the esteemed DESIGN4INDIA awards. It was a day well remembered for we had met with some of the world class leaders and tech-design enthusiasts from around the world. From the AR/VR India-head of Google, Chaitanya Chunduri to Alok Nandi, president of IxDA, everyone was dumbfounded by their amazing personalities and work.

26th of September was the main event day where speakers were going to address more than 700 delegates and attendees. The day was a bit of a flurry for we all had to arrange everything properly and neatly from the smallest goody bags to the most marvellous of trophies, it was gruelling but a rewarding day.

There were 3 events being carried out simultaneously in 3 different locations in the JW Marriot. We, social media handlers had every opportunity to exploit the best out of every session we could possibly attend for note making and clicking photos. We gained some pretty insightful views in the world of design that day. From keynotes about safety and security designs to workshops in interactive designing in Adobe XD, we got to experience all of it first-hand and the experience was absolutely impressive for each one of us.

Fireside chats with some of the most influential and high positioned professionals in the industry about technology and artificial intelligence was a long-awaited dream that came true. With product showcases revolving around Augmented and Virtual Reality, it was a literal fantasy which came to life with people actually designing the exterior and interior of the surrounding area virtually.

All in all it was a fantastic event with the highest level of satisfaction a designer could ever get in his field to be motivated and inspired to design solutions for any problem that can virtually exist out there.

Written By,
Atharva Dahotre

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