Inclusive Way to Get Through the Industry

Inclusive Way to Get Through the Industry

08, July 2021

Even after getting things done with excellence, one can easily be swayed by confusion and self-doubt. To make a place in the industry with increased Behance streaming or Dribblization, there are several ways to get through this uncertainty.

"You should become a better version, getting diverse ideas for a context, improving the process and not a bigger version, being an encyclopedia of a particular field," says Anish Velayudhan Kutty, UX Enterprise Product Head at Indegene.

With 13+ years of experience in customer experience and design, Anish carries focused and practical expertise to the growth and management of teams that design for web, mobile, enterprise applications, and services. He helps businesses to spearhead creative and strategic thinking of products in both B2B and B2C. Currently, he heads the UX - Enterprise Product Office at Indegene, a global leader in the life science space. He is also a design advisor and member of the board for many startups in India. His commitment is to take his teams on the transformational journey by incubating a Product- Engineering mindset. Previously he was a part of Walmart Labs, Software AG, Infosys groups. He is currently one of the known industry expert faculty and Exam Jury for leading design colleges in India. He has won several accolades both in academia and the industry.

Learning several skills, one should also be able to monetize it. Anish assures that this can be achieved by sticking to a value frame. Although he says there is no fool-proof strategy or source to prepare you to face a job, there are ways to deal with situations in a better way to design better. One should have a conscious mindset, being aware of how considerate we are about others and this he explained by making us answer several questions and reflecting on those.

“See the unseen, hear the unheard, and feel unfelt,” says Anish.

At the time of turbulence, instead of clinging to your beliefs, first, believe what the data has to say for the larger good, and sometimes you will have to let go of your beliefs. It is necessary to converse to put forth your point and to listen to others as many times you will have to work with cross-functional teams. This will create a nice opportunity to understand various perspectives and if needed to abandon your ego and let go of your interests for others.

Anish insists more on being a good practitioner, being proactive over just a designer. One should also acknowledge her/his mentor for the party moments. No matter how great we are with design skills there are infrastructure and mindset challenges so it becomes very important to give credit to all those who facilitate these challenges.

He suggests everyone be bias-free and to always bear a positive approach by understanding the situations, being helpful for others to succeed. Hence a great workplace need not necessarily have a good infrastructure but an inclusive work culture. Moreover, he mentions that non-designers are creative as well so we should be keen to listen to their perspectives as well, taking special care of not bothering them with unnecessary design frameworks and terms as this might block the flow of their creative inputs.

Aspire to be as neutral as possible and persevere over bringing inclusivity in your attitude as the recruiters are keen for it. Developing an atmosphere of shared responsibility where all major practitioners at all levels are aware of the task to be performed where you see and listen more than looking and hearing, will help you get through the industry.

Written by,

Anvesha Dubey

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