Engineering - The Changing Dimension

Engineering - The Changing Dimension

26, June 2021

The words puzzling, elusive, hazy define the present engineering education scenario in India. Engineers from the foundation of any country’s economy. Around 25-30% of the world’s engineers are in India, but the slow pace in the area of research and innovation is an issue. Universally, engineering education is enduring a transformation from teacher-oriented to student-oriented teaching-learning mechanism, teachers to promoters, old-school engineering disciplines to interdisciplinary courses, lecture-based training to technology-driven learning are just a few in the list. Engineering education in India is enduring a technological transformation. Slow but gradually, Indian engineering education is rubbing shoulders with the global education model. It’s for the pandemic that the entire education system has turned on its head. Once in a blue moon, virtual lectures are now the new normal and the present mode of teaching.

For almost two decades now, the Indian tech industry’s distinguishing feature has been that India, with its widespread infrastructure of engineering colleges, can supply the world with well-trained, top-class computer engineers.

During the exponential growth in the IT industry, engineering colleges, there are btech ux design colleges in indore and top engineering colleges in madhya pradesh as well that are proliferated all across the country. But these institutions lacked a revised curriculum and concentrated on non-existent links with the industry and had a low student-faculty ratio. Except for the IITs, a few NITs, and some private engineering institutes, these new institutes were ineffective in making their students job-ready. We may be at par on the technological front of imparting engineering education, but we still lack on the technical front. We need to buckle up for the persistent conventional teaching-learning practices with little practical training practiced in many institutions.

Revamping Engineering Education in India

With the escalating globalization in the world, we need to ponder on implementing the best opportunities for the forthcoming generations.

  • Updating knowledge of the newest technologies for better innovations and evolution of the country.
  • Engineering education should emphasize quality infrastructure, skill-based curriculum, ample resources, project-based learning, job opportunities, internship opportunities, equal opportunities to education, and training in sync with industry 4.0.
  • Industry-oriented programs for the students should be organized where experts from these industries are invited to talk, discuss and share the innovations, discoveries, technology, applications, tools, and current trends in their respective fields.
  • The syllabus and the curriculum should be amended at periodic intervals based on the latest trends
  • The students should be given opportunities to strengthen their skills by participating in brainstorming sessions, presentations, lectures with the help of technology.
  • Soft skills should be polished in addition to technical know-how to develop their prowess in speaking, writing, and listening.
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    Punit Lalwani

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