Education is Not About Having A Degree

Education is Not About Having A Degree

13, March 2021

The Indian education system needs to make headway to experimental and project-based learning, with the focus to provide skillsets for Industry 4.0. Todayís era of globalization and advancements opened a plethora of opportunities for students, which significantly created a tough competition to deal with, and a degree is no longer enough!

The students having a degree from a university is not sufficient to face the world. He should have the right industry quotient, cognitive flexibility, the ability to think creatively, and a problem-solving approach to cater to the needs of society and industry at large. However, in India, many educators are still following the traditional teacher-centered methods focused on rote learning and memorization. The lack of critical thinking skills limits the application of concepts to real-life scenarios.

The educators need to understand the ground realities of this dynamic, globalized world and must flip the traditional academic model to the student-centric education system. The emerging pedagogy requires a customized path emphasizing project-based learning, interdisciplinary, integrative, and immersive approach with an aim to bring about a paradigm shift in the educational pedagogy and assessment. This approach of learning will help augment the quality of higher education, providing qualitative, relevant, and contemporary education.

Rethinking pedagogy that can contribute to the development and mastery of twenty-first-century competencies and skills, Designeering is a perfect blend of design and engineering which gives a holistic approach to education in the two most diverged fields in the world of transformation. The context works on the intersection of multi-discipline that nullifies the disciplinary boundaries to match up with the current trends of education. The academic structure is intended to not just support professional growth but also develop students to become innovators and entrepreneurs.

The curriculum must ensure the practical implication of the theoretical knowledge, which is not restricted only to the classroom, but more learning happens outside the classroom. It is crucial that the students are encouraged to develop the high order skills by engaging in meaningful inquiry-based learning that has genuine value and relevance for them personally and their communities and learns by the hands-on experience of applications of engineering principles through reflection on doing. This framework allows learning through authentic real-world contexts, carrying out projects from beginning to end, and solving problems as they arise, all of which constitute powerful learning strategies.

Additionally, the learning programs with the interdisciplinary curriculum and experiential learning at its core must effectively promote the development of personalized learning and adaptive learning through student choice and voice. This ideology empowers students to steer their own learning, look for opportunities for joint projects, and stand distinctive in their own way coupled with a breadth of experience. The skill sets need to be simultaneously complemented with the approach of HOW to learn instead of WHAT to learn.

The periphery of the education system needs to be extended to the global level through multi-level collaborations with universities, organizations, and with domain experts from the field of design, technology, business, society, culture, and arts to create an enriching educational experience. Further, to invigorate student life, the courses should be sandwiched with various co-curricular and engagement activities. The list of activities can include online certifications and research, networking and industry connect, social immersions and internship, clubs, mind skill training, hi-end labs, and design centers that contribute to entrepreneurial spirit and community welfare.

Written by:

Prasheel Suryawanshi

Vice-Chancellor- Avantika University

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