BTech - Health Informatics : The Emerging Dimension of Engineering

BTech - Health Informatics : The Emerging Dimension of Engineering

02, July 2021

Health informatics is an interdisciplinary specialization that deals with the collection, compilation, and management of health data. Developing applications by computing data analysis to offer improved healthcare strategies is also a part of the program. The specialization also deals with the study of solutions, devices, and tools of data compilation, storage, sampling of health information and medicines. Health Informatics is one of the most rapidly evolving branches of Computer Science and Engineering.

Coalescing the principles of engineering with medicine develops the capability of medical innovations for quick and accurate diagnosis. Health Informatics bridges engineering and medicine by implementing the principles of information technology and computing technology with the science of health and medicine. It helps to develop modern healthcare solutions by providing technology-based solutions. Thereby, the scope of BTech - Health Informatics has widened and brought opportunities for engineering aspirants.

Increase in demand:

The pandemic situation added to the cause of the increase in demand for improved Health Informatics. Implementing the basic principles of information technology, computing technology to the abstracts of healthcare and medicine, contemporary healthcare approaches are developed. Another reason is the need to cut costs and escalate efficiency within healthcare sectors is leading to the development of new healthcare concepts. The government of India aims to increase healthcare spending to 3% of the total GDP by 2022. With the increasing use of big data analytics in the healthcare domain, the need for health informatics jobs is projected to increase over the next 5 years.

Application of Health Informatics:

Health informatics is applied to the areas of physical therapy, biomedical analysis, nursing, clinical trials, dentistry, pharma companies, occupational therapy, alternative medicine, and public health all of which are devised to improve long-term efficiency by accumulating high-quality data generated for patient healthcare.

Why Health Informatics:

Health care is the new normal, and health informatics has played a significant role in ensuring that every individual is provided with the best possible quality of healthcare. The data volume of healthcare systems is huge and is advancing by leaps and bounds, with respect to almost every domain of research as well as industry. Health informatics can be found in every area of healthcare, including clinical, administrative, and even economic.

Health informatics merges the domains of medicine, information science, and information technology to develop numerous systems for generating, approving, securing, and consolidating health-related data. The objective is to deliver dynamic healthcare to patients.

It involves bringing together miscellaneous resources, methods, and systems to augment the use of the wealth of medical expertise, technological progress, and successful drug trials that are feasible.

With time, healthcare has become more and more exclusive which means an increase in personalized attention to a particular patient. The most important way in which informatics is changing healthcare is in refined outcomes. Electronic medical data helps in the better analysis leading to developed and enhanced healthcare. The most important purpose of health informatics is to deliver effective healthcare to patients. Additionally, it includes technological advancements in drug trials, clinical trials dentistry, and pharmacy.

Written By:

Punit Lalwani

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