BSc in Psychology - Tradition Meets Innovation and Science

BSc in Psychology - Tradition Meets Innovation and Science

10, July 2021

The pandemic has brought comprehensive reforms to the Indian education system. The changes are noticeable in the approach of education, pedagogy, scope, and career choice. The thought process has changed, and students choose their subjects to create a better future. Simultaneously, the traditional courses are intertwining with the practices of medical and technology to make it industry-ready. Psychology is an emerging field offering great opportunities globally to students.

Psychology is a squat and diverse field that provides in-depth analysis of the study of human emotion, attitude, thought, behavior, development, personality, motivation, and more. The subject is about helping people to manage and live in diverse situations.

BSc psychology is a three-year undergraduate course that encompasses the study of human behavior with practical training. It is emerging as one of the most opted courses in India. Students also face the intricate problem of finding the difference between Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology and BSc in Psychology. The difference between these nomenclatures is, BSc provides practical exposure, and BA focuses more on the theoretical curriculum.

Why BSc in Psychology:

Psychology" is derived from the Greek word psyche, literally meaning "life" or "breath." Derived meanings of the word include "soul" or "self." Psychology is a behavioral science that requires solid knowledge of biology as both subjects deal with human beings. Additionally, the idea of mathematics also helps to comprehend the complexities of human minds. Thus, the combination leads to the strong dynamics between Science and Psychology.

Types of Psychology:

Some of the areas and majors in Psychology are Biological, Clinical, Abnormal, Cognitive, Comparative, Development, Forensic, Industry-Organizational, Personality, and Social psychology.

Career and Scope:

BSc in psychology equips a student with a fundamental and flexible IR4.0-ready skill set to provide immense opportunities for a wide variety of professions. The field is rich and diverse as it is associated with psychotherapy and clinical work. It offers various career options that involve facets of the human mind as well as behavior. Psychology graduates also pursue masters and professional training to become experts in their field.

The job profile is not only limited to mental health clinics or hospital settings but extended to special-needs centers; marketing and sales companies; human resources departments; social services; advertising and media agencies; market research and consultancy firms; government and policymakers; user experience (UX) design agencies; and the pharmaceutical industry.

Additionally, students will gain the range of knowledge and numbers of transferable skills that makes psychology distinctive yet successful. Students will be explicitly trained in critical thinking, psychological testing and assessment, advanced research methods, complex data handling, and higher-order analytical skills.

Written By:

Kapila Gangele

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