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19, June 2022

Classics are the best styles to pick up for an ageless, sustainable yet elegant wardrobe, befitting occasions without apprehension of being judged. Classics are the styles adopted by an array of people lasting for a few seasons e.g., Coco Chanel’s little black dress. These styles are a boon to people who do not follow fashion and for others an effortless styling.

In this and upcoming series of blogs we bring you a list of such timeless styles. BELL BOTTOMS

The name itself describes its shape. Bell bottoms showcased their appearance in the US Navy at the onset of the 19th century. They again became popular in the 1960s and 1970s. They took the form of boot cuts in the mid-1090s. Bell Bottoms are here again with a glorious return in 2022 at Moschino Gabriela Hearst and Versace.


The history of plaid shirts goes back to the 1700s in Scotland, today it’s a statement of comfort, style, and durability. Plaid shirts have become a part of most of the wardrobes of both genders, combined with almost everything be it shorts, trousers, jeans, or leggings. The tradition of plaid shirts in flannel began with them being functional wear of hardworking woodsmen, workers, hunters, etc. in America around the late 19th century. The mid-20th century saw plaid shirts as an essential item and popular in casual wear nicely crafted for women. They have now become classic, stylish, and casual worn by everyone.


Another classic style that has evolved from rough & tough work clothing. Denim Jackets have gone through various changes in length, fit and fabric finishes like stone washed or enzyme washed, sun bleached, and blasted etc. It is something that can fit any occasion, wearing them to office, an informal dinner or just casually is the avatar they have taken. Denim jackets were worn by farmers, workers, also the cowboy films made them popular as leisurewear manufactured by Levi Strauss and Lee in the early 20th century.


A black Leather Jacket during the 2nd world war was given to bomber pilots of America as leather is durable and protective. Popularised by “Marlon Brando" the paragon of cool masculinity in America. It became a symbol of rebellious youth and quintessential streetwear. This classic has reflected the bad boy image created by the Character Johnny played by Marlon Brando in 1953 & also worn by biker gangs after World War II. They were teamed with tight leather pants and P-caps in the early 1980s and were worn by most rock musicians.


Tracksuits were initially worn only by sportsmen as they were specifically made for their comfort, ease of movement, and sweat absorption. The traditional tracksuit of the 1920s, a combination of fleece pullover and matching sweatpants has made a headway into leisure wear during the 1970s when people were getting more health-conscious, working out in gyms and outdoors. The journey of tracksuits starts from the field of sports, and leisure wear to activewear, the present status of tracksuits can be seen in the designer collections specially created with the latest technologies. The tracksuit has become quintessential leisure wear for everyone and is still maintained to be.


Polo Shirts were first designed by René Lacoste for tennis, in 1972, Ralph Lauren marketed his original line, Polo. They were worn by tennis, polo & golf players, and were an item for the elite class in the US. Later, other companies joined the race after Ralph Lauren’s collection. Gaining in popularity Polo Shirts became another classic unisex style.


The Nehru Jacket is a replacement for a suit and tie that is smart yet casual. In 1960 the set rules of dress codes were challenged by the youth for self-expression via their style of clothing. Foremost Nehru Jackets in the West was without a collar, in India the government officials adopted them for work wear instead of achkan. This is a classic style worn by India’s first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru during his formal meetings. It was designed by Pierre Cardin in the early 1960s and till today it’s a well-fitted minimalistic style statement for both men and women.


T-shirts can be seen everywhere and paired with almost every type of bottom. Unisex leisure wears is found in every wardrobe around the world. They became a status symbol in the 1980s. T-shirts have been a favourite of all the age groups as they have been very versatile with extreme, moderate to skin fit and in a variety of lengths too. T-shirts have become a universal unisex garment of all times.


Introduced at the beginning of the 20th century, Yves Saint Laurent designed it to be practical fashion apparel during the 1960s. Safari Suit, like every other classic style, has repeatedly gone through changes befitting the era yet always being sophisticatedly utilitarian, elegant, and smart with a casual comfortable feel. They are favoured by both men and women as the tailored garments have always been preferred by city folks.


A recent high fashion item copied from a military uniform still sustains the impression of being tough as it did in the 1970s. Field Jackets were made for the US Army in the 1940s and later evolved into a better, warmer, practical, and tougher “M65", a longer version of the previous ones.


It can be said that the story of hoodies begins with the monks of the early 19th century who wore robes with hoods. Hoodies were made for the labor class and athletes by “Champion" in the 1930s as protective clothing. It used to be a functional item worn by football players and athletes. It is nowadays a style statement, day-to-day unisex clothing worn casually, that is produced with a variety of materials like plain jersey to lavish cashmere in various styles with numerous surface ornamentations & enjoying the status of a vital piece of clothing.


Trench coats from the early 20th century could be easily remembered as the ones worn by detectives on television, with an aura of mystery. It was designed by Burberry for the British Army as a protection from rain as well as cold weather. The double-breasted trench coat is popular with both men and women. Its simple yet chic style has made it to be always in demand.


As the name suggests it was made for fighters & the association with the military can be clearly seen. Combat trousers were first produced in 1938 for the British Military. Combat trousers commonly called cargo pants with a minimum of six pockets have been a favorite of youth since the second half of the 20th century. Designed and manufactured by most of the high street brands it has now become an all-time choice among both genders.


The black pullover revolution started in the early 1920s by Coco Chanel was a makeover of jumpers worn by French fishermen and sailors. They were worn in combination with yachting trousers or pleated skirts by women as day wear too. Gradually polo neck became popular with men as well and is being worn by both genders at any time on any occasion round the clock. Nowadays polo necks are an elementary piece of apparel for many ensembles. For the study of Fashion Design and a deep understanding of the apparel, its origin, and its design, colleges have built the best course curriculum in India and there are also Top Fashion Design Colleges in Madhya Pradesh providing practical learning and exposure.


Dungarees are a durable, affordable, practical, and comfortable style. Like many other classic styles, this bibbed garment has been inspired by worker’s uniforms for both men and women since the late 19th century. Today it is being produced in various styles, fits, and worn as chic casual wear by both genders.

Amar MIthapalli

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