A Carrier In Fashion For Gen Z

A Carrier In Fashion For Gen Z

Amar Mithapalli

19, February 2021

Fashion designing is the most appealing, glamorous, and exciting career option in recent times. If you are creative, imaginative, innovative, and stylish then fashion designing is the best career option for you. Fashion designing gives way to several career opportunities like fashion designers, fashion coordinators, stylists, merchandisers, textile analysts, product managers, fashion management, store managers, fashion bloggers or even fashion journalist.


Benefits and opportunities of Fashion Designing Courses

The reason of ever-increasing job options in fashion industry is obvious as clothing is one of the basic human needs that has always been on a path of a growth. Apparel along with the auxiliary industries like makeup, styling, etc. has been growing rapidly hence creating more and more jobs for fashion design professionals.

After pursuing a course in fashion designing there are a lot of arenas open for you in the industry of apparel as well as the ensemble accompaniments or accessories due to their increasing demand in all the market sectors globally.When you become a fashion design professional after completing a course in designing you can take up a job or become an entrepreneur like having your own buying house, export house, a manufacturing unit, wholesaling, retailing of apparel as well as jobs in fashion companies, fashion blogging and various other management jobs in the fashion and apparel industry.

Being an entrepreneur and starting a project or a company as a venture to own yourself is also a very good choice for independent and enterprising people. All the designers and companies of fashion industry has their own brands, similarly one can start or own a business by launching a brand, a fashion line, a retail chain of stores or a single store or of your own. With an ever-increasing online sale, online business is also a great opportunity that is growing at a very fast pace and has a substantial scope writhing inside.

Technological advancement and research in field of fashion designing has led to a promising future and much more opportunities for fashion professionals. There are new exiting jobs with fashion forecasting companies as well.

Monetary Benefits

Amount of money earned through jobs or in your own business is quite inordinate in the fashion industry. Once you start working and reach the higher positions with the amount of experience you gain during the years of working as a design professional, the scope for learning along with handsome salaries or amount earned in your own business increases significantly.

Working Environment

Working in the fashion design industry is very different from a routine white-collar job. Once you gain employment as a design professional you will be on board with number of people like textile manufacturers, artisans, sometimes researchers also. Each day brings a new challenge with varied realms to work upon.

There is a lot of scope for travelling that accompanies with working in this industry because of the number of allied industries and while doing so you need to move around the city, country and sometimes to other countries.

Types of Roles and Responsibilities

In the fashion industry along with your creative side you can select from various job profiles to suit your personal aptitude for example roles that require leading and taking decisions at the managerial levels, travelling for sourcing as a buyer, social and soft skills to work in production, designing only etc.

Growth in Career

Furtherance of career in the field of fashion designing has immense scope depending on your acumen. The foundation of any vocation starts from a junior level. The versatility of fashion industry makes you cultivate with every step-in terms of refurbishing your knowledge level and performance that is directly proportional to the increments.

Advantages of a good Matrix

The major thing to build while working is a strong network of your contacts. With good relations you have better chances of growth and the scope of exposure to opportunities becomes higher. Thus, while working you must maintain fine bonding with your seniors, colleagues, artisans, and clients to grace your success.

Significant stapes for progression

Knowledge of all the processes/departments from the grass root level that is Merchandising, sampling, designing, fabrics, and trims, spreading and cutting, quality assurance, finishing and packaging, exporting, retailing, and manufacturing.

  • Developing a good matrix of contacts.
  • Work with experienced people or renowned brands of the industry.
  • Being an avid learner helps you to understand new developments and conceptions.
  • Keep yourself updated with the work of successful people/designers/textile manufacturers and environmental/technical changes affecting the industry.
  • Prove yourself with your work as there are no shortcuts to success.

Written By -
Amar Mithapalli

Amar Mithapalli

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