A Career in Data Science

A Career in Data Science

Punit Lalwani

21, August 2021

The want for data engineers in India has been escalating constantly and has observed a boost especially during the last year. Although, there seems to be a shortage of ample skilled personnel where data science is concerned. At present, it is estimated that more than 40k job opportunities in the role of data engineering are up for grabs and this number will multiply.

Due to the rapid digital transformation across various industrial domains, there is a consequential rise in the demand for proficient data scientists. Owing to industry 4.0 that everything is now digital, right from industry verticals to consumer demands. It is due to this reason that even traditional industries are welcoming digital uproar to upgrade operational productivity and overall consumer experience.

The huge volume of data available with different firms and conglomerates today because of digitization is turning out to be priceless possession. As digital communications are escalating, file logs are being brimming with collection of both organized and unorganized data. Thus, for businesses to comply with consumer needs, market fluctuations, processing data, identifying both invisible demand and supply movements and obtaining workable acumen are becoming essential.

Demand and supply gap:

There is a big gap between the demand and supply of data scientists. Demand for Data Engineers has overtaken supply over the past years and the last few years have thus observed a continuous shortfall of skilled data engineers. A lesser number of aspirants opting for specialized training and the deficit of software engineers are the two main reasons for the existing demand-supply gap.

Why the gap:

The work role of a Data Engineer or a Data Scientist is a bit tricky, and it demands excellent skills in computer science and programming. While the gap can be overpassed with practice and training, quality data engineers or data scientists must have practical, hands-on skills of handling huge array of data. This is a time-consuming process. However, universities have updated their curriculum as per industry standards and started training students. There are btech data science colleges in Indore, Pune, Mumbai, and other major cities that make their student industry ready by training them with live projects, internships etc.

Salary: The basic salary of the data science professionals is higher than that of engineers. When switching between jobs, most aspirants look ahead to securing a 25%-30% hike while data scientists can ask for a raise of 35%-45%.

To sum it up, increase in demand of data scientists in the present scenario, is being considered as the red-hot job for the years to come.


Punit Lalwani

Punit Lalwani

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