Avantika University Set To Introduce Unique Learning Pedagogy with the Highest International Quality

An MIT Pune Campus at Ujjain, Avantika University, will promote design thinking through their unique learning pedagogy. Avantika will mentor students on different levels about how to think in problems differently and build innovative solutions. With its creative thinking and experimentation based approach, Avantika will provide an open learning atmosphere for students that will help them realize their individual worth. Guided by some of the leading minds from the Indian education fraternity, the University aspires to develop its research & training acumen of the highest int... Read More >>

Avantika University to Offer Best-In-Class Training and Placement Facilities to Their Students

An MIT Pune Campus at Ujjain, Avantika University, is set to provide excellent training and placement opportunities to students with the support and guidance from industry's giants. To make sure that their undergraduates and postgraduates get maximum industrial exposure, MIT, Pune has on-going relationships with the globally recoginzed companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, Cognizant, Infosys, JPMorgan, L&T, and a lot more. The collaborations with world renowned global institutions help ensure that participants get the highest quality training and internship facilitie... Read More >>

Create, change and transform with Avantika way of learning

Create, change and transform with Avantika way of learning

The career in Design is inevitably the next big revolution for the Indian education landscape as suggested by a variety of media reports and experts. Though historically, it is observed that young Indians choose options within conventional education with careers in engineering, finance, medicine, computer science, etc. It is due to a variety of factors, ranging from... Read More >>

MIT Pune's Avantika University to Offer Design Program for Churning out Creative Minds

An MIT Pune Campus at Ujjain, Avantika University is set to offer programs in design. Beginning 2017, they will offer Bachelor in Design (B.Des) and Master in Design (M. Des) in System Design, Industrial Design, and Communication Design. The different specialization is designed in conjunction with world's prominent educationist and will follow a unique 4 step academic model, including Foundation, Core, Professional and Integrated Experience. To put this extraordinary education methodology in practice, Avantika has developed their learning pedagogy, which is fo... Read More >>

Avantika University: Personifying Design Thinking Ideology In India!

When one contemplates a change in outlook for education, there are limited viewpoints that come into consideration for an average person. Perspectives relating to the development in the preliminary education with focus-diverting to other verticals is always pushing the idea of bringing about that change. While their impact can never be undermined, for advancement one needs to give equal emphasis with balancing the new and conventional education streams like engineering, law and numerous others which loaned some assistance in molding the world to be a preferred place.

...

The Key Role of Design Thinking To Boost Innovation

In recent years, design thinking as a concept has become the vital tool in fuelling business innovation across the world. Today, it enables the creation of simple solutions that add value to our lives by improvising the quality of services. Thereby, almost every organization is always on the lookout for employees with creative thinking skills who can help flourish their business. In fact, various business studies from the recent times indicate that solutions derived from a design-thinking led approach are far more practical and cost-effective than the traditional ones.

...

How Innovations Actually Happen in Organizations?

Today Post-Its are globally one of the top five most popular office supply products. But do you hear the story of how the sticky notes called 'Post-It' were invented?

It took 3M almost 12 years to commercialize it after a 3M scientist Spencer Silver failed to create a super strong adhesive to be used for aero industry in building planes and instead he developed an incredibly weak, pressure sensitive adhesive called Acrylate Copolymer Microspheres. But it was 3M Product Manager who discovered fascinating use of the this 'grand failure' after multiple... Read More >>

What is the Importance of Studying Macro Economics?

Macro Economics is aggregative economics which examines the interrelation among various aggregates, their determination and causes of fluctuations in them. The practical importance of macroeconomics has been carefully analyzed in points below.

  • Various national problems like overpopulation, inflation, balance of payment are underpinning the underdeveloped economies. The study of macroeconomics helps to bring a check on these issues.
  • Macroeconomics enables studying the causes, effects and solutions of general redundancy.
  • The study of macroeconomics is very ... Read More >>

Unfolding the New Era of Industrial Design for today's complex world

Industrial Design as an education discipline aims at nurturing creative minds by undertaking a combined approach of technology learning with enhanced conceptualizing abilities. It is intended to train students to become astute thinkers so that they can clearly understand problems faced by people and even solve them through a creative approach. The major learning components of industrial design include hands-on knowledge, articulation and visualization skills, along with modern, technical know-how.

The industrial designers can create items ranging fr... Read More >>

"Business as Usual" will not do

avantika design thinking workshop

It could be an organization making a diverse range of tangible products, or delivering all kinds of services, or imparting school or professional education. It does not matter at what level you are in the organization, you could be the owner or a stakeholder; and does not matter what your key deliverables are - I believe you are striving to add value to the organization and to the intended benefi... Read More >>

Demystifying design thinking for India

March, 2017 Dr. Sanjay Dhande

  • Design Thinking - Definition and what all comprises DT
  • Concept
  • Evolution of Design Thinking
  • India Inc feature and possible challenges that can be solved using DT
  • Future Outlook
...

Economics and Finance Programs with Avantika University

Develop Understanding of Theoretical Finance and the Economic Framework

The development of any country depends on its economic growth that is achieved over a period. In this competitive scenario, a country needs more emphasis on economics to accomplish development. This can happen only with right education, knowledge, skills, competencies and other attributes that are relevant to the economic growth of the country. Thus, financial literacy plays a vital role in strengthening the base of the nation.

T...

UG Program in Engineering: A Full-Time Program that focuses on Developing Technical Leaders of Future

Highly sophisticated engineering tools and assets have always been the key to enjoying a stress-free life. Be it our daily chores, or doing something new, the presence of engineering tools are sure to get your task done the right way, and with less effort. Though these complex tools make the task simpler, but creating them still requires a considerable knowledge of engineering field. It does not matter whether it is an electronic equipment or related to construction, or a mechanical components like cars, etc., one has to thoroughly understand the specifics of engineering to... Read More >>

Pursue UG in Industrial Design for better career opportunities

The Design is the core of industrial development. The proper designing of systems enable development of reliable products that enhance the lifestyle of common people. Manufacturing is one such paradigm of the industrial revolution which requires a primary emphasis of Design.

When it comes to India's manufacturing sector, the country is currently lagging far behind to the most of the developed and developing nations. The country's manufacturing sector will have to strive harder than today to become a sustainable and developed nation by ... Read More >>

Electronics and Communication Engineering: A Four Year Program Designed on the Philosophy of Liberal Education Principles

Be it the advent of computers, or sophisticated equipment; Engineering has always been a key to the development of newer technologies over the years. With the evolved times, we are witnessesing newer and finer branches of Engineering being announced that will help and support the learners of today with the focused understanding and better decipher the concepts which can be applied in real life.

Among the various engineering streams, electronics and communication engineering has always seen an upsurge since almost every technical development is sup... Read More >>

Avantika University: The Game Changer In The World Of Design Education!

When one thinks of bringing about a paradigm shift in the education world, there are very few facets that come into the minds of the typical individual. While classifying this one has to spare a thought for focus verticals which have always lent a helping hand in shaping the education of our times for students.Fields like design, architecture, law and many others have also paid a significant role in shaping the modern education for society, along with medicine and engineering.

During this age and time where change is the only constant, it is o... Read More >>

First phase of Academic Advisory Board meet concluded at Pune

August 20, 2016
First phase of Academic Advisory Board meet concluded at Pune

Avantika University, India's first design university had their first Academic Advisory Board meeting at Pune, India on Saturday, August 20, 2016. The meeting witnessed presence from an extremely elite panel. It had a grandeur mix of members from the education and business fraternity. The primary objective of this meeting was... Read More >>

Why is Industrial Design considered as a Backbone of Manufacturing Industry?

India is a growing service market across a variety of different disciplines is it software, tourism, hospitality, or any other. However, when it comes to the manufacturing sector, the country is lagging behind from most of the developed and developing nations. The reason behind this is the shortage of good industrial designer for a vast majority of manufacturing firms. Therefore, it presents with an awesome opportunity for the students to establish their career in an evergreen industry of future.

The visionary project of Government of Ind...

Unleash new age learning, with Avantika University

August, 2016
Unleash new age learning, with Avantika University

With the objective of reaching out to the student community by exploring fun with learning, Avantika University, India's first design university recently organized a design workshop recently with a mixed batch of over 100 design education aspirants. The workshop offered an exclusive opportunity for participants to create solutions by apply... Read More >>

The Importance of Design Thinking in Education

For being successful in today's highly competitive world, one requires to develop a different and somewhat unique set of skills. There are no specific set of rules about how to develop these skills or how many tests one needs to clear to prove their creativity. Some people are born creative, states a famous saying, but interestingly everyone has the seed of creativity in them. And essentially it is their education which really decides their creative inclination.

Creative people work in two ways either as finder or as a creator. Finders are drive... Read More >>

Why Design Is An Excellent Career Opportunity For You

A career in Design is a rewarding option for many as it enables them with pursuing their passion and creative instincts. If you have it for you to comprehend the logic behind every design and appreciate the beautiful blend of various elements to create a masterpiece, design is your destination. However, before you enter the professional arena, you require training and guidance. Moreover, this is where the programs by Avantika University emerge as a game changer for you.

From faculty to training, every aspect is crafted to ensure optimum learning... Read More >>

Changing paradigm of Indian education with design as focus

July 5, 2016

  • Indian education premises what all it comprises today, with possibilities and options for future
  • Design as a discipline in India
  • Trends

The design as a work discipline has achieved a whole new dimension today, which is increasingly getting separated from the skilful pedestal. It was originally clubbed with t... Read More >>

Newer imperative for a specialized design thinking curriculum

Modern education system in India, like the rest of the world has witnessed a drastic shift since its inception. At present, there are a variety of options that are being made available to students to help them pursue education of their choice. Off late we have even seen a variety of configuration to customize the education methodology, with subjects, projects that are customized to student interests. The options and opportunities available today are not restricted to a specific focus or vertical, it is across discipline... Read More >>

Rethinking a design thinking approach to create practical business solutions

Companies of today have a greater pressure to innovate than ever. Most of them spent trillions of dollars on Research and Development (R&D), yet the research has shown that more than 85 percent of their developed products fail. The sustainable differentiation from the technology and business-focused innovation could be attributed as the possible reason. Even though most of them are innovation envy yet not all of them yearn to come up with a radical innovation like Apple's iPod or create an entirely new product like F... Read More >>

Why we do, what we do - Is there a problem with our approach?

Education plays a paramount role in our lives. India as a country has come a long way in ways to impart higher education. With several examples across a variety of streams, our education system has seen a transformation across the ages. A visible, rapid expansion is evident in the higher education system of India. Currently, we are world's largest centre enrolling over 70 million students. With1.4 million schools and more than 36,000 higher education institutes. We produce a large number of computer programmers a... Read More >>

UG Programs: Design: Helps Explore Innovative Ways to Develop Your Individual Viewpoint

A pressurized individual during their academics is often unable to compete in this highly competitive world. Whereas on the other hand, those who like thinking out-of-the-box and do things in innovative ways are successful in their respective lives and are appreciated everywhere.

Creativity as a skill can be inculcated and developed through academic learning that focuses on promoting innovative ideas that make the difference for any business or society. India's first design centered University- Avantika offers a learning environment that helps ... Read More >>

Is Indian Education System Ready to Counter the Disruption around the world?

A revised curriculum in the Indian education system is quite essential to cope-up with the disruptive economic and industrial situations of the world. We live in an era of a technological revolution where we need to raise the global standards of education is quite essential. Indian educationists must take sustainable steps to imbibe core ethics that help provide advancement in education methodology. MIT Pune's Avantika University is a front-runner in this space, located in ancient education hub of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

The Indian education s...