FAQs - General and Infrastructure

1. What are the infrastructural assets of Avantika University?
Avantika University’s expansive campus spreads over 1300,000 sq. ft, replete with world-class academic, administrative, residential, sports and convention space. It holds state-of-the-art computer centers, design studios, labs, and lecture theatres. Students can expect high speed digital connectivity and make use of online libraries, interactive classrooms, and data centers.
2. Is there Hostel facility available in campus?
Yes, please refer click here
3. Is there a medical center in campus?
Yes, there is a medical center and 24*7 ambulance available in campus. Please refer click here
4. What are the assets of the Computer Lab?
Turing - the computer lab, has 60 Intel windows based i7 high-end systems with fully loaded Academic software, 20 Apple iMacs, multi-function SHAPR-color printer and 44-inch HP Design jet pro postscript printer (plotter).
5. Is there a Fabrication lab available in campus?

Yes, the FabLab at Avantika is equipped with hi-tech machinery like Laser Cutting Machine, Milling Machine, Thermocol Cutting Machine, Vinyl Plotter, Router Machine, 3D Printers and other tools required for fabrication.

6. How do you ensure access control on campus?

Our Academic building is equipped with access control which gives access to the various areas only to the Avantika ID Card holders and the same is used to control access of outsiders in the complex.

Security personnel available at the main gate only allow visitors inside after referring to the department they want to visit and also are spread all around the campus to maintain security.

7. What are the banking facilities available in the campus?
Bank of India mobile ATM van visits the campus ones every week and their banking personnel is available twice a week in the academic complex for all banking transactions.
8. Is Avantika a cashless campus?
Yes, Avantika University is a cashless campus. The ID cards of Avantika university can be recharged and used to avail the various facilities at campus.
9. Are there any tuck shops on campus?
A tuck shop is available on campus for students to purchase both fresh and packaged food, and other general provisions.
10. Is there stationery available in the campus?
Yes, basic stationary material is available in the Student Union Complex.
11. What are the sports facilities available on campus?
Sports facilities are available ranging from Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess, carrom etc.
12. Is there any system of feedback available at the university?
Yes, The University has Feedback boxes available at various locations on campus. Anyone who wants to suggest and give anonymous feedback can write to us and leave their message in the feedback box.