FAQs - Employment

1. What kind of faculty is Avantika University looking for?

We are seeking energetic applicants for full-time, adjunct/ part-time, and visiting faculty positions in one or more of the relevant fields such as Design, Fine and Applied Arts, Engineering, Architecture, Humanities and Social Sciences (Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, English and Linguistics). At Avantika, our approach is to work without disciplinary and departmental boundaries.

We look for individuals who

  • Should be excited about teaching in an experiential, studio- and project-based environment.
  • Cherishes the joys of creating with young learners and questions the status-quo, making use of innovative methods to teach, interact, and learn.
  • Appreciates how design, research and society connect with each other, and love to engage in creative writing, run interactive workshops, and leverage advances in other disciplines.
2. What qualification and experience should potential faculty have?
  • Bachelor/ Master of Science/ PhD in – Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Material Sciences, Health Sciences.
  • B. Des/ BFA or Graduate Diploma.
  • M. Des/ MFA or Postgraduate Diploma.
  • PhD in - Industrial Design/ Product Design/ Transportation/ Human Mobility/ Communication Design/ Sustainability/ Material Culture/ Human Factor Engineering/ Design Thinking or any other relevant fields.
  • B. Arch/ M. Arch/ PhD in - Urban Planning and Development.
  • BFA/ MFA/ PhD in – Applied Arts/ Music/ Dance/ Performing Arts/ Fine Arts/ Digital Media/ Digital Culture/ Sculpture/ Theatre/ Body Language.
  • Bachelor/ Masters/ PhD in - Computer Sciences/ Computer Engineering, Education Research and Sustainability, Spiritual, Mental and Physical Education.
  • BA/ MA/ PhD in – Psychology, Education, Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science, History, English and Linguistics.
  • Bachelor/ Master of Technology/ Engineering/ PhD in - Mechanical/ Mechatronics/ Electrical/ Electronics and Communication/ Robotics/ System Engineering/ Manufacturing/ Biomedical Engineering.
  • Bachelor/ Master of Business Administration/ PhD in - Management
3. What kind of learning ecosystem and growth potential does Avantika offer to the faculty?
  • Continuously enrich the deliverables on learning aims of the curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Publish regularly in journals of high-ranking, quality outlets, and pursue research grants.
  • Develop effective collaborations with other Universities and with external stakeholders such as industries, organizations, professionals and start-ups.
  • Create intellectual properties in the forms of patents, designs, concepts, ideas etc.
  • Demonstrate the capacity for constant engagement with learning.
4. What are the primary academic expectations from the faculty?
In a very broad sense, to teach; advise and mentor undergraduate and graduate students of the various courses provided by the university; develop an independent, externally funded research and consultancy program; participate in all aspects of the school and university activities like outreach, extension, student selection, faculty selection, academic infrastructure development, curriculum development, faculty mentoring; and administration activities concerning the various schools.

The level of responsibility depends upon the cadre of the particular faculty member.

5. What is the application procedure for employment at Avantika?
Whenever there is a vacancy in the university, the same is flashed on CAREERS click here tab of the website. Interested candidates may fill their information in the prescribed format and submit their application. Shortlisted candidates will receive the status of their application within 10-15 working days.