Seeking Educators to charter a new path in

Design-Centered Education

Avantika is conceived and envisioned as India’s first Design Centered University and is spearheaded by eminent educationist, Dr. Sanjay Dhande – Former Director, IIT Kanpur. The spirit of creativity and innovation, complemented by design thinking and intellectual boldness is the central theme at Avantika. The unique academic model is based on an integrated trans-disciplinary approach that harmoniously amalgamates design with various disciplines on a solid foundation of liberal education.

We invite you to join us in our mission to develop students as innovators and contribute towards creating a positive change in society. We seek;

  • Empowered Individuals, to work beyond boundaries
  • Mentors and Facilitators for nurturing young learners
  • Innovation Evangelists, to take on challenges and question the status-quo

If you are an academician, an industry professional, an active consultant, an administrator, or pursuing research, and seek a vibrant environment for lifelong learning, we are looking just for you.

Avantika is seeking energetic applicants for Full time, Adjunct and Visiting faculty positions in one or more of the relevant fields of Engineering, Technology, Design, Economics, and Finance.

Avantika is the place for you,

  • If you are an academician, industry professional, an active consultant, or pursuing research or just graduated from an institution and seeking vibrant environment for lifelong learning.
  • If you like to work without disciplinary and departmental boundaries.
  • If you are excited about co-teaching in an Experiential, Studio and Project-based learning environment.
  • If you cherish joys of creating with young learners, and question the status-quo and use innovative methods to teach, interact and learn.
  • If you appreciate how design, research and society connect with each other, love to engage in creative writing, run interactive workshops, and leverage advances in other disciplines.
  • If you like to work in a team environment.
  • If you as a teacher can impact and influence the minds and spirits of young learners.

We envisage faculty to collaborate, to move in new directions and grow, and to take risks as they work towards Avantika’s mission of developing students as innovators with the spirit of Design Thinking and contributing to impacting positive change in the society.

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EEO/AA Policy
Avantika is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Avantika encourages diversity and the diverse workforce is a reflection of our commitment to serve the people of India and the whole world. It is the policy of Avantika to prohibit discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, religion, age, creed, ancestry, sex, marital status, civil union status, or national origin.