Unfolding the New Era of Industrial Design for today's complex world

Industrial Design as an education discipline aims at nurturing creative minds by undertaking a combined approach of technology learning with enhanced conceptualizing abilities. It is intended to train students to become astute thinkers so that they can clearly understand problems faced by people and even solve them through a creative approach. The major learning components of industrial design include hands-on knowledge, articulation and visualization skills, along with modern, technical know-how.

The industrial designers can create items ranging from household appliances to mobile phones as well as medical products. With the help of technology and high-end manufacturing tools, they work on developing new products, and at the same time revamp the existing ones with an improved design. They usually collaborate with engineers and model makers to formulate a design proposal for projects.

It all boils down to the breadth of experience and expertise that matters when the designers start climbing the promotional ladder. With time, these designers can usually gain broad exposure in the industry, and they even work on national or international level growth opportunities. A large MNC can employ an industrial designer, or they can kick-start start their venture. They can even work as a freelancer, opt for consultation roles, or operate small design studios to complement classroom teaching. Individuals who wish to start a career in industrial design can now pursue B. Des or M. Des programs in India being offered at the MIT Pune campus at Ujjain, Avantika University. You can check out more about the program, what it entails, and even the admission policies on their official website, AvantikaUniversity.edu.in.

Avantika University is India's First Design-Centered University offering world class education in the spirit of creativity and innovation. They offer B. Des and M. Des programs with specialization in industrial design, system design, and communication design, which are aimed at nurturing young minds. They inculcate the necessary skill sets in the students to become informed citizens who can contribute towards creating positive changes in the society.