SparkTalks with Reap Benefit

At Avantika University, the students are given an opportunity where they can learn about the key points of their career as aspiring designers and engineers. The I-Connect Program is one such Platform. The string of iConnect program continued and the next guest speakers to enlighten the young minds were Mr. Kuldeep Dantewadia, Mr. Shashi Shekhar and Ms. Sarina Joseph. REAP BENEFITS; a start-up found by Mr. Kuldeep has already made a huge difference in many peoples lives.

The companys effort to tackle many local environmental and civic problems is quite praiseworthy. Their work includes saving of many valuable resources with cost-efficient methods, which has improved the living condition of many. With a team of highly experienced people, it was among the top five start-ups of the year 2016.

The workshop started on a very energetic note when activities based on problem solving were started. The approach of focusing more on the brief given and the process rather than the actual solution was encouraged. While the activity was going on, the problem related to comprehension of the given brief was addressed. The physical constraints given to the students were portrayed in a different perspective. Their use and allocation to different people in a manner where such constrains can be used as a boon was taught.

During the discussions, the effective approach of indirectly triggering a change in any behavior; also known as a behavioral nudge; was a unique way to get the minds to work. Moreover, how such behavioral nudge can play with the psychology of people was enticing enough for the students to get going.

The process of problem solving includes the person to pay attention to even the negligible aspects. To get a clearer picture of that, the concept of trigger mapping was also introduced which includes looking at the issues from various perspectives.

The enthusiasm lasted throughout the session and with a parallel effort made by the speakers, this workshop proved to be quite productive.

Written by
Gauri Singh

Organized by: iConnect Team