Industrial Mind Restoration at Batik Printing Workshop

Avantika University had organized an industrial visit to the Bherugarh Batik Prints and Block Hand printing workshop situated in Ujjain. 23rd September 2018 was a hectic day for the students of Avantika university as everybody was getting to know the world of color, fabrics, textures and motifs. Batik Print is a type of wax-resisting dyeing technique which was originated in Indonesia. The visit started at 09:30hrs with every one of us eagerly waiting to get acquainted with this age-old technique.

Very basic yet complex processes were involved in the making of any garment. The students were told about these techniques starting with outlining of the garment with wax using a spouted tool. Once the design is outlined onto the fabric it was sent for coloring. The highly trained craftsmen painted the garments using a brush and paint which was given a second coating of wax immediately after the color. The wax traps the color and the colored area remains unaffected by the dye which is used soon after this. Once the fabric is of the desired color, it is rinsed in piping hot water with a temperature of more than 100-150 degrees. The temperature used for washing off the wax is dependent on the material chosen.

Moreover, the students were even given an opportunity to help the craftsmen with their work. Many of them took advantage and got their hands dirty and tried out various interesting methods of Batik Printing. Block Printing was also something which the students found to be very intriguing. The way in which the master effortlessly dipped the block into the liquified paint and pressed it onto the cloth left an impression so beautiful which was enough to leave everyone dazed. The students as well as the faculty members were too inquisitive and got satisfied as soon they were answered.

The visit ended with everyone going on a spree for getting their favorite prints as a remembrance of this trip, thus appreciating the art which has inspired and molded many latest designs in the industry. Leaving the mystical world of Batik prints and crafts, each one of them hoped to have more such visits in the future and till then they would be reminded of these prints every time they come across anything familiar to this.

Written By,
Gauri Singh

Organized By: iConnect Team