Visit by President, Indore Chapter, CII YUVA

The Saturday morning came with a gloomy sky. But we had something great in store for us. Mr. Shankey Bansal who is the president of the Indore Chapter of YUVA walked in and shook the entire classroom from their almost sleepy mode. He was accompanied by Ms. Pooja Bansal. They both put up a flex board with the word Young Indian written on it.

The interactive element got even more of a spark in our eyes. His confidence was really inspiring for everyone to see. He was there on the behalf of YUVA which is the student wing of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). This is a non-profit, non-government organisation which aims at sustaining the Industry that wants to approach the overseas market. They consist of members from public and private sectors.

YUVA is their student wing which aims at giving persons from the age group 21-40, a platform to explore their dreams and inspire and motivate them to work towards their goals. Young Indians is their initiative that essentially establishes YUVA in various schools and colleges. YI supports and nurtures students in realising their goals and dreams outside academics and gives them the opportunities to understand different situations and prove their skills.

They wanted to provide the same opportunity to the students of Avantika University and hence, came here to talk about the chances that Yuva people get and the benefits of joining their initiative.

He further explained that they would be electing two heads from the students for these activities and they would be the representatives of the student community at Avantika in front of the YI mentor. In total, they aimed at taking 50 members in the YUVA team of the University. They also informed us that there would be a lot of internal as well as external modules taking place as part of this initiative. We would be given lectures on 8 topics ranging from digital marketing to stock market simulations and etc.

The external modules were what excited most of us. We would, as YUVA members, get to volunteer and be a part of really big events like cricket matches and more and would get the opportunity to see how the world really works. This would also be a great opportunity for all of us to increase our Industry connect. The Coffee with CEO initiative was something that peaked our interest a lot.

There were a thousand different events and fun learning experiences that he talked about. It included inter-chapter student interaction a few times in a year.

He said and I quote, Being a part of YUVA would make you feel like you belong, it would make you an instant part of our family.

The number of hands that went up when he asked about the students who wished to join this initiative was baffling.

Written by
Avantika Kulkarni

Organized by: iConnect Team