"Business as Usual" will not do

avantika design thinking workshop

It could be an organization making a diverse range of tangible products, or delivering all kinds of services, or imparting school or professional education. It does not matter at what level you are in the organization, you could be the owner or a stakeholder; and does not matter what your key deliverables are - I believe you are striving to add value to the organization and to the intended beneficiary.

Your key deliverables could be improving economic and system efficiencies, increasing people productivity, reducing turn around times as startups, achieving yearly sales targets, launching new products & services on time, upping profits margins ‘marginally' or simply managing repetitive tasks.

You will admit that thinking through all these deliverables and actually achieving them is itself a hell of a job. There are times you must have asked yourself the question ‘What sustainable value I am creating for the business I am in and for my stakeholders'. With the extremely dynamic market changes and technological disruptions coming faster than ever, you must have felt that "Business as usual" will not work.

There could have been better time to reinvent "business as usual" than NOW.

It is time to take few deep breaths out of the slog over and sharpen your AXE. Having worked in industries as design professional and in academics as design faculty for many years and, well, having survived, I sincerely believe in the rigor of ‘Design Thinking' and it could be that stone you could grind your axe on.

‘Design Thinking' is not just a buzz word but a life boat which could help you in navigating turbulent times ahead. It could also work as the powerful lens thru which you could envision the future and fold it for NOW.

I recall what Azim Premji, Wipro's Chief has once said, and I quote, "When the rate of change outside is more that the rate of change what is inside, be sure that the end is near".

So let us confront change with... CHANGE.

I invite you to Design Thinking workshop organized by Avantika University to experience this change.