SparkTalks with Wajid Khan

Friday, 31st August 2018, was quite a memorable day for the students of Avantika University with the world renowned Meta artist; WAJID KHAN, amongst them. Wajid Khan has a number of feathers in the cap which includes his name in the Guinness Book of World Records, Asia Book of Records and Limca Book of Records for his nail art and holds a patent for the same. Recently, he has been commissioned to design a unique sculpture for the 2020 FIFA World cup which will be held in Qatar.

The enthusiastic crowd was eagerly waiting for the event to start and the commencement was followed by them getting familiarized with the type of work that he does. His installation and sculptures include mediums like stones, nails, bullets, medical equipment, automobile parts etc. As soon as the display of his work was over, the man himself was welcomed with a thunderous applause and the sudden change in the aura of the room was pretty much evident. The excited crowd in the room soon started bombarding him with questions to quench their thirst about the unique style of art which he practiced. As he started talking, the students got an insight about the amount of thinking done before taking even a single step in making any art work. His absorbing nature, which helped him perform in the way that he did, was the highlight of the evening.

His first work includes a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi made by thousands of bullets is remarkable. His belief about the longevity of the metal parts and how a persons life should be the same is impressive. The transparency and connect of his mind and body left everyone awestruck.

The second half of the session comprised of the students presenting some of their best works in front of the guest and getting a critique for the same. An activity was also conducted to help the students with generation of ideas through mind-mapping and brain storming.

The event ended on an inspiring note with his words ringing in everyones head which said, "Work on a project as if it were the last thing you will do before you die".

Written by,
Gauri Singh

Organized by: iConnect Team