House Master

  • Sanyukta Karve

    Sanyukta Karve
    Assistant Professor

  • Gautam Karve

    Gautam Karve
    Assistant Professor


  • Sanyukta Karve

    Meera Pandey

    Warden | Aavaas 1

  • Gautam Karve

    Chandrashekhar Lohote

    Warden | Aavaas 2

Rooms and Facilities


Intended to promote interaction and collaboration, residential living at Avantika is aimed to foster a sense of community and ownership, and build strong friendships that carry through the academic years and beyond. The hostel blocks – Aavaas 1 for girls and Aavaas 2 for boys – are conveniently located on the Avantika campus, just a stone’s throw away from the academic facilities. Hostel rooms will be available on a first-come-first-served basis, and will be allotted on a twin sharing basis.

All rooms are provided with bed, bed sheets, pillow and pillow covers, mattress, side table, study table, wardrobes, bookshelf, chairs, internet connection port, mug, bucket, and other essentials. Laundry room with washing machines, dryers and drying area are available.

Hostel Rules and Regulations

  1. These rules shall be applicable to all the hostels of the University.
  2. The application for admission to hostel shall be made on a prescribed form available at the hostel office or on the University website. The duly filled application form should reach the hostel office before the prescribed date. Incomplete or wrongly filled application form shall not be considered. The application should be made at the start of academic year or end of previous year as per the communication from hostel office.
  3. A student who has resided in the hostel and is seeking re-admission for the next year also should apply with clearance of all dues of previous year, if any. Any student who has failed or dropped out in the examination shall be re-admitted to the hostel.
  4. The parents of the student shall, wherever possible, submit details of a local guardian with a colored, passport sized photograph, duly signed by both (parent and guardian) to the hostel office at the beginning of every academic year. This will enable the hostel officials to identify the person in case he/ she comes to meet the ward in the hostel, or makes a request for taking the student home.
  5. Parents/ local guardians can meet their ward on the specified days only, i.e. 2nd & 4th Sunday every month. No other visitors are allowed to meet the students unless accompanied by the parents. Parents/ local guardians are requested to carry their ID cards provided by the University while visiting their wards. They won’t be permitted to meet their ward directly, and will have to meet the respective Warden first who will arrange the meeting.

Allotment Policy

Rooms in Avantika University’s hostels are allotted on a random basis. It is mandatory that each student resides in the room allotted to him/ her by the University.