Design Thinking Workshop


Design Thinking is fairly new to the Indian industry. Companies are intrigued about the concept, but unfortunately are unaware of how Design Thinking can be applied to bring about that change at different scales.

The spirit of Design Thinking at Avantika is not just applying the design process, but making the design driven approach useful at every stage of work. The idea behind these workshops is to introduce this ideology to the industry and make them understand how graduates from Avantika can impact their companies in the future.

These workshops will also create a brand value of Avantika University and set a benchmark in the Design Ecosystem.

Benefits to Avantika

  • Brand Value
  • Industry recognition
  • Better positioning of Avantika in the market
  • Incentive for students to join Avantika
  • A network of professionals

Benefits to Industry Professionals

Companies find themselves in a crisis because they can’t respond to change, even if they recognize the need for transformation. This is the age of extreme competition, and every competitive advantage has been reduced to comparative advantage.

Design Thinking is an approach that has the capability to give a new outlook to companies to solve problems and help them innovate. Design Thinking helps structure team interactions to cultivate greater inclusiveness, foster creativity, deepen empathy, and align people around specific goals and results.

Applied Design Thinking in professional problem solving incorporates mental models, tools, processes, and techniques such as design, engineering, economics, humanities, and social sciences to identify, define, and address professional challenges in strategic planning, product development, innovation, corporate social responsibility, and beyond. It also helps organizations to fill critical gaps and deficiencies. Only by combining modes and methods can organizations establish more complete and competitive bodies of knowledge and insight that empower a human-centric and future-oriented approach.

We offer a structured framework for understanding and pursuing innovation in ways that contribute to organic growth and add real value to your organization. This will be done by building an environment that fosters creativity.

Personal and Professional Benefits

  • Access to best global practices in the design process and thinking by developing the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets of designers and innovators
  • Learn empathetic understanding by connecting more deeply with customers to discover opportunities for innovation
  • Experiment with idea generation, critical thinking, problem-solving and rapid-prototyping
  • Return to your organization with greater ability to work collaboratively
  • Have the ability to foster a culture that enhances creativity and innovation
  • Interact and network with peers from different backgrounds and functions


Focus is to make Participants:

  • Action-oriented
  • Comfortable to face Ambiguity
  • Apply a Human-centered Approach
  • Have an Integrated Foresight
  • Be a part of the dynamic constructive process
  • Take their enterprise to another level
  • Be empathic and find new ways to Co-create with other employees