Trends of 2019 that will shape the product design

Every year, new trends and technologies supplant old trends as people’s expectations change with the advancements in the technology. So, every product designer must have an idea of the ongoing trends and customer’s expectations in order to design stellar products.

1. Portable Product Design

In this technology-driven era, people are getting accustomed to cutting-edge technologies and portable products like smartphones, laptop, tablets, etc. These offer flexibility to the people and allow them to work and get entertained on the go. So, the modern-day customers prefer products that can give them the convenience to complete urgent work from anywhere and anytime. Thus, product designers should design products that are efficient and convenient.

2. Designing for Plastic Alternatives

The modern-day customers are becoming environmentally aware. So, they prefer eco-friendly products over non-biodegradable products. For instance, they prefer paper bags over plastic bags, clothes diapers over plastic ones and so on. Similarly, the industries are also joining the movement.

Earlier, a humongous amount of plastics were created by various industries that led to global warming. Now many industries are taking a step towards saving the environment by banning plastic usage and adopting biodegradable alternatives. Hence, the product designers have to work to fulfill these demands and help the industries to win the consumer’s hearts.

3. Product Design for the IoT (Internet of Things)

Nowadays, the internet is gaining immense popularity. People make use of the internet at every single minute through phone, watch, consoles, tablet, and car dash. In the past few years, cutting-edge features like voice assistants are all the rage. This is known as the “Internet of Things”

Thus, those businesses that can leverage this technology in their products are likely to make huge profits. Hence, it has become the responsibility of the product designers to innovate products that are equipped with IoT.

4. Designing for self-care

Today, people have become health conscious. They just don’t consider the look of the product, but they are more concerned about its functionality. People prefer buying those products that can contribute to their health and wellness.

Hence, the products should be designed in such a way that they support the wellness of the product. The designers should come up with innovative ideas to attract customers by creating products that are beneficial for their wellness.

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